‘Trump refuses to honor Lewis’ then ‘Why was Lewis tweet slower than Regis tweet?’ Now ‘Keep his name out of your mouth!’

If there’s one certain thing it is that what makes you mad isn’t certain. Take the example of the death of Rep. John Lewis, and the reactions from the left starting the day of and going on into today.

At first, libs were demanding to know why Trump and right-wingers were pointedly not tweeting in memoriam. Here’s some examples from blue check media complainers.

Then he did say something. But he also acknowledged the death of Regis Philbin, so they had a new attack.

But then there’s CNN. On Sunday, Bakari Sellers was on that fat, dumb, bald guy’s show, and he said he doesn’t want Republicans talking about Lewis anyway.

“For all of my friends who are more conservative than I, who want to praise John Lewis today and for the next six days,” he said. “Sometimes you just need to keep John Lewis’ name out of your mouth.”

To be fair, a small number of libs were saying that from the start.

But most of them followed the progression. First demand Republicans honor him, then say they didn’t do it right, and finally say “how dare you mention his name!”


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