Trump releases video today lying about DeSantis and COVID deaths – > > Here’s the facts!

Trump released a video today lying about Governor DeSantis and COVID deaths in his state.

Trump claims DeSantis had the 3rd most COVID deaths in the US, saying even Cuomo did better than DeSantis. But that’s a lie. Here are the facts.

Trump is using 2021 CDC data and he’s using total deaths, not per capita:

When you adjust it for per capita deaths, the only fair way to compare deaths in each state, Florida falls WAY down the list to 18th:

Secondly, Trump comparing DeSantis to Cuomo is absurd. Cuomo actually tried to hide the number of COVID deaths in his state, especially in nursing homes:

So here we have Trump praising the despicable and corrupt Cuomo in order to lie about DeSantis, just like he’s praised Republican-turned-Democrat Charlie Crist to do the same.

Lastly, Trump is once again lying about DeSantis shutting down beaches. Here’s a screenshot from an article from March 17, 2020:

This was during the height of COVID and he still refused to shut them down as Trump claims. Two months later he ordered localities that had closed their beaches to reopen them fully.

As I’ve said before, I have no problem with Trump giving legitimate criticisms and disagreements with DeSantis. But outright lying about him is not a good look. In fact it’s disgusting.

And let me remind you that this is exactly the same tactic used against him by Democrats and the media to try and destroy him. In other words, Trump has become the exact same as the corrupt media he decried for so many years.

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