Trump RESPONDS after Senate votes to disapprove his National Emergency — ALSO official roll call votes…

Trump has officially responded after 12 Republicans in the Senate, dubbed the Dirty Dozen by Mark Levin, voted with Democrats to disapprove of his national emergency declaration.

Here’s what he had to say:

Before that he had just tweeted one word:

Even with 12 Republicans, the Senate still lacks the ability to override Trump’s veto. Good.

But I suspect even if they had the votes, McConnell wouldn’t allow it to come before the Senate. After all, he voted against the resolution today as he said he would.

Here’s all the Senate votes from the official roll call page:

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21 thoughts on “Trump RESPONDS after Senate votes to disapprove his National Emergency — ALSO official roll call votes…

  1. Not a big Todd Young fan, but do appreciate the fact that the Hoosier state is on the correct side of this issue.

  2. Any one else live near the Missouri River? We’re about to have a disaster on our hands in the Midwest, and the national media could care less.

  3. LOL – Romney already fits right in wit the Murkowski-Collins-Alexander leftie wing of the Repub party.

  4. Notice how all the D’s stuck together like glue. Not one single D stepped out of line.

    But Trump will hold steady because he puts the safety and security of the American People above whatever is going on in DC.

  5. On the positive side, Mitch voted with Trump. I think that signals that any override vote is out of the question. Build the damned wall, Mister President.

  6. Anyone of these 12 RINOs up for reelection in 2020? They need to be PRIMARIED!

        1. I don’t think the binary choice slaves will go for that.

          I will, obviously. I’m done supporting bad candidates just because they’re not worse ones. But I don’t know about the rest of the people. I got a lot of flak in the midterms for withholding my support from the RINOs that said flak-givers then supported because they weren’t Democrats.

      1. Only one is Susan Collins of Maine. Total RINO. She would lose in 2020 if she didn’t tho. I regret that I can only vote NO against one of those arsewipes, tho – Gary Peters (D-MI). What the heck is Marco doing?

    1. Yes but, if they are running against any of the Loons they voted with and no one else, we are kind of stuck….

    2. Just to be clear, the definition of “being primaried” means challenging the incumbent in the PRIMARY elections. THAT is where the battles are.

  7. Kudos to everyone who voted with the president. Now we know who cares about Americans over illegals

    1. Do you honestly believe that Mike Lee cares more about illegals than Americans?

      Because that’s kinda shitty. And it’s indicative of the fickle nature of the American voter. For all we talk about how “there is no perfect candidate” – as soon as one does ONE thing we disagree with, he goes from “conservative champion” to “dead to me.”

      And yet, I’m the one who’s routinely accused of being too idealistic. Weird.

        1. I’m going to make a big admission and just flat out say that I like Marco Rubio. I don’t love him, there were better candidates in 2016 I chose over him in the primaries – but I like Marco. I think he’s genuine, loves America, and does care more about Americans than he does illegals.

          Is your problem that he cares about illegals at all? Should he not?

          1. Too bad Rubio counts on his owner donors to make his decisions for him. I’d go back to the primaries and what he and his handlers did, but I won’t. Rubio is pro amnesty or at least his handlers are…..

  8. The dirty dozen. That fits them well. These are the ones who like to give all the speeches how we need to secure the border than fail to do anything about it.

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