TRUMP RESPONDS to missile test provocation from Kim Jong Un!

El Presidente Trumpo responded to the news that North Korea is starting up their missile testing again, but there are no “rocket man” insults to be found.

Instead, he sounds positively pollyannish about his hope for the future:

Trump met the man, unlike you cowards in the fake news enemy of the people. He looked deep into his trusting eyes and saw that the man who has butchered his family to stay in power and enslaved his people under totalitarian rule just wants to have a better economy, and he will NOT betray Trump the way so many people have!! Trust.

Also el Presidente retweeted a bunch of stuff about the social media apocalypse ready to consume us under a fiery conflagration of keyboard genocide, like this conspiracy theory tool:

AND he wants an apology dammit:

AND also he is good friends with the murderous thug Putin, who is said to have interfered in our elections by our own intelligence services:

It just can’t get any better in the U.S.!!!

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