[UPDATE: Trump suggests Cuomo’s guns should be confiscated] – Trump retweets Chris Cuomo clip, calls him ‘Fredo’

This is absolutely the part of Trump I could do without:

What is the point of tweeting this? If it were a news clip from Cuomo about Trump or his administration that he was refuting, that’d be one thing. But this has nothing to do with the news. This is just juvenile Trump wanting to pile on and insult Cuomo.

It’d also be different if Trump weren’t the president, but he is and sometimes I wish he’d act like it.

[UPDATE: Trump tweets again about Cuomo, this time suggesting his guns should be taken away in the name of ‘red flag’ laws:

If this is all it takes to get a ‘red flag’ and have your guns taken away, then Trump isn’t doing his case for red flag laws any good with this tweet.]

In related news, here’s Ana Navarro referring to Donald Trump Jr. as ‘Fredo’ on Cuomo’s show:

Notice there’s no reaction from Cuomo. It just proves that ‘Fredo’ isn’t really the Italian ‘N word’ as he claimed.

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