Trump reveals RADICAL plan to CUT DOWN the GOVERNMENT!!

For those of us who have been clamoring for Trump to act more like a conservative, we just got great news.

He has a major plan to consolidate the government:

The White House plans to propose merging the Departments of labor and education as part of a broader reorganization of the federal government, said a person with knowledge of the proposal.

An announcement is planned for Thursday morning, after a monthslong review of cabinet agencies with an eye toward shrinking the federal government.

Wow. That’s pretty yuge. The WSJ doesn’t think it has much of a chance of success:

The reorganization would require approval from Congress, but it’s not clear that lawmakers have the appetite to undertake a far-reaching reorganization, especially at this point in the political calendar.

Lawmakers have shown reluctance to embrace such plans in the past, and Congress has limited time for major legislation before the November midterm elections. Previous proposals to eliminate agencies, including the departments of education and energy, have made little headway.

Streamlining the executive branch has been a longtime conservative goal. The new plan also meshes with the administration’s priority of retooling higher-education programs to train students more directly to join the workforce.

BUT, if Trump can summon his much vaunted negotiating power and get this through, he will definitely garner praise from us who just want the government to be smaller and smaller.

And it will definitely make a lot of liberals cry out in anguish that their only god, the government, is being diminished…

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