Trump says something NICE about Nancy Pelosi…

Trump is very happy that the Speaker of the House has said that she doesn’t want to impeach him.

In a tweet Trump says he ‘greatly appreciates’ her statement against impeachment, but also reminds people he’s done nothing wrong:

While it was an interesting statement that Pelosi made over impeachment, it wouldn’t surprise me if she’s really lying about it – you know, to make it seem more serious if she does decide to run with impeachment later.

Trump also tweeted on several other topics:

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82 thoughts on “Trump says something NICE about Nancy Pelosi…

  1. especially when he has done nothing wrong and impeachment is for “high crimes and misdemeanors”?

    Oh for the love of…

    *chucks a copy of The Federalist Papers at Donald*

    1. FFS, for as much as we gripe about these politicians on the left who have clearly never read the Constitution they claim to uphold, how is ANYONE going to give Donald a pass on this one?

      It’s bad enough our schools don’t teach civics. Now Donald is factually misrepresenting this subject to the American people. What the hell.


  2. He didn’t say anything nice about her. He just said he appreciates what she said.

    Give it a day. She’ll be back to being rubber faced Frankenstein.

  3. As Pelosi said about AOC, Omar and Tlaib, “they are only three representatives.” Well, she is only one representative and, if the loons in the KommieKrat party demand impeachment and overrule her, originating impeachment there shall be! Then it dies in the Senate, unless the American people are stupid enough to give further power to the KommieKrats.

  4. I see President Trumps is acting out his Godfather scenario….””keep your friends close, but your enemies closer” or better yet taking little sound-bite from Israel’s PM Bibi Netanyahu when he addressed our Congress…… “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

  5. Trump likes Nancy, for some reason. Remember he was promising her votes to get the Speakership. And yes, I think that Nancy does mean it when she says she’s not planning impeachment unless there was something big and “bipartisan.” She’d just look stupid trying to impeach when there aren’t the votes in the Senate.

  6. Nancy is saying one thing and her party is investigating every rock Trump threw as a little boy… don’t fall for her crap. AND don’t take your eye off the FACT, the Democrat Party supports INFANTICIDE.

  7. Trump, why you feel the need to shower praise on actual ENEMIES of not just YOU but America and her values is both shocking and disgusting.

    A) Flattering Nancy Pelosi will ONLY result in Nancy laughing about your stupidity, and giving her confidence she can con you whenever she wants.

    B) Nancy Pelosi actually knifed you in the BACK.

    She PURPOSELY omitted that there was no evidence of wrong-doing so her colleagues that continue to call for your impeachment and to the media.

    So instead of a story like this; “BREAKING NEWS: Nancy admits there is no evidence of collusion to impeach so it’s off the table,” the Media will report it as this; “BREAKING: Despite evidence of collusion, Nancy, out of the KINDNESS OF HER HEART, has decided she will not advance impeachment proceedings.”

    1. I don’t think Trump realizes she is insulting him with “he’s not worth it.” What Pelosi is saying is she is beating him on every spending bill battle and she likes having him in the White House because she gets what she wants. Pelosi doesn’t view Trump as a worthy adversary and so far she has been proven right.

  8. Some people have gotten on me about why I don’t like Trump (and that I didn’t and may not vote for him)… THIS is one of my reasons for my stance. Trump seems easily affected by compliments and flattery. Erdogan, Putin, democrats… he’s been (at times at least), unusually kind or charitable to those who know this about him and exploit it. And of course, Trump highly values loyalty (who doesn’t). And these overt aspects of his personality, seem to sway him in directions that don’t always make sense. His “patience” with Kim Jung Un is another illustration.

    This the same Nancy Pelosi who contemptuously denied him the funds to build the wall and make America safer – for obvious political reasons. She backed off of the unfounded “impeachment” rhetoric because she knew it would hurt democrats in elections. As was pointed out, I’m sure she’s lying. A harpy can’t change her feathers. She HATES Trump and would unquestionably, instantly destroy him if given even half a chance. It concerns me that he’s thanking her like this. For The Left, it reinforces the use of the carrot instead of the stick.

    And as you may recall, Trump rooted for Pelosi to be the Speaker… a nicety that got stomped all to hell when he needed her help to gain funding for the wall. So I don’t know if this is a strategy of his “art of the deal” or if he’s playing politics or 48th-dimension chess… but I hope he doesn’t make this a habit.

    1. I think you are misreading him. If he was too stupid to fall for any good word here and there, I guarantee you that he wouldn’t be so successful–let alone a multibillionaire! People try to swindle people all the time with sweet talk and as a rich guy, I imagine he got more than his share of that.

      I just think he’s really good at the game–reward good stuff, hit back hard at not good stuff. He’s on a constant PR blitz and frankly doing a much better job at marketing than his predecessor on the Republican side. I can say more, but I think you are underestimating him. I’m not saying he’s playing 10D chess or anything, but he’s smarter than his critics make him out to be.

      1. @independentlibservative Totally agree, I wish all of us would think of all the good Trump has done and not dwell on his personality. I’m gladly voting for him in 2020.

        1. @proud-nana I didn’t vote for him in 2016, but I am surprised at how much I have gained to appreciate all the conservative work he’s done for the Country and the Republicans so I will definitely vote for him in 2020 (even if someone like Cruz was running against him). Contrary to what some like Ben Shapiro think, I really do think he advanced our cause and he did that by exposing the corrupt leftist media.

          1. @independentlibservative I agree Abe, I’m personally sick of the talking heads who knows what right for everyone else , we’ve become a Nation that too many depend on what the so called experts have to say instead of looking at the facts.

          2. Ditto Abe. I am rolling my eyes at him a lot but not as much as I thought I would. IMO, he rooted for Pelosi cuz she makes him look good.
            I must say, the CPAC speech was stellar. Made me laugh!

    2. It’s the game. He plays to win.

      Exactly how much does it cost to toss some empty flattery at your opponent?

      Nothing. That’s what.

      And yet it works. And when someone publicly insults the guy, why do people expect him to just let it go? By drawing attention to that person (by publicly hitting back), he takes away the attention they gained, and it goes to him.

      If we had the media of the 1960s or earlier, none of it would be necessary. But we don’t. So he must. And I’m not only fine with it, I’m glad to see him do it, even when it’s cringe-inducingly clumsy.

      I want him to hit back, each and every single time.

  9. I think Nancy is terrified of 2020 and what is happening to her party. Maybe she is trying to do damage control but it is probably way too late for it to be effective.

    OTOH, I also believe Trump is just toying with her in his latest tweets.

  10. Yesterday, Rush also said that Nancy Polonium was lying about impeachment. He’s usually pretty good at these things.

    1. @dr-strangelove she’s got her hands full with the newest village idiots running amok in her party.

        1. @dr-strangelove
          Do you ever have to deal with 3rd party dispatch? I had some want me to download their tracking app…can’t…..just a dumb flip phone…ha

          1. @TJK Yeah. If you don’t get the app, they call you every 5 minutes like a kid in the back seat asking, “Are we there yet?”

    2. Correct! I almost guarantee that as soon as the Mueller report is out (no matter what’s in there), she will say, “it’s very concerning” or something like that and “impeachment” would be on the table.

          1. @proud-nana I don’t think that prayer is necessary, but if the evidence points to the Democrats, it’ll probably get swept under the rug.

            1. @dr-strangelove Prayer is always necessary my friend.

              Look at Holder for instance, free as bird and now trying to change how many Justices are on the SCOTUS and do away with the electoral vote, I admit find it hard praying for people like him .

        1. How would it point to Democrats? Mueller and his Democrat underlings will make sure the report has a bunch of dotted lines leading to Trump no matter the lack of hard evidence.

    3. That’s because everything is a game and there is motive in every move that’s made. On a side note, can you imagine being demented and having to keep up with all of the lies?

    1. I think that until Mueller finishes up that not much will be done and Trump cant push his DOJ because it would be labelled obstruction.

      After Mueller – things are going to go down and some folks are going to prison for the attempted coup and spying.

  11. To me this isn’t about saying something positive about Pelosi. It’s that last tweet about the corrupt Obama DOJ and “more to come.” I do hope to see some indictments of “important” people.

    1. While that would be lovely, I wouldn’t hold my breath. I can’t think about the justice double standard the Dems live under without getting severely depressed. 🙁

      1. I know it. That’s why even just one of those people getting indicted and convicted would be so delicious.

        1. Delicious? Heck I would be so happy, I think I’d have to throw a party, and I’m not much of a party person.

  12. Nancy has her hands full. Babysitting her antisemitic House and her radical new green deal socialists. She knows her party is eating its own and being exposed.

  13. The tweets are appreciated by me, at least I know what Pres. Trump really said.
    Pelosi is a lying hag and Trump knows it, I’m glad he pointed out there is no reason to impeach him in the first place.
    As far as California goes they have lost all sense of reason many years ago, my heart goes out to the victims families.

  14. Well, he did donate $20,000 to the DCCC in 2006, the election that first helped her become speaker.

          1. You don’t know this about me, but I’m my worst critic.

            Politically, I expect someone who claims to be a conservative to not contribute to the party bent on our destruction.

            1. Has Tromp ever claimed to be a conservative? It’s common for businessmen to donate to both parties, you never know when you’ll need someone to grease the skids.

              1. I think during the campaign Trump claimed he was Conservative. Like a lot of other claims he made during the campaign it was an exaggeration. But the big thing is your point that as a businessman Trump supported both parties.

                1. It certainly was an exaggeration at least.

                  I can’t figure the contributions and excessive praise of liberals out…people said it over and over in 2016.
                  Supporting the Dems? As if they’re “friends” and will help out a brother?
                  I’m sorry, I just don’t buy that. I know plenty of legitimate business people who are conservative and would NEVER contribute to a Dem.

                  That’s why I say Trump wouldn’t destroy the swamp when he helped build it.

              2. I believe I’ve heard him identify himself as such.
                Either way, I hear a lot of folks call him a conservative.

                I heard that argument all throughout the primaries and it made me sick as a justification for bribery.

                1. I think most conservatives don’t want the battle to replace Trump with an actual conservative in 2020. It’s much easier to just inflate Trump’s conservatism and job performance.

            2. @tyman I do things I regret before I knew what in the heck the consequences would be, with a shamed face I voted for Bill Nelson -D many years ago and have regretted it ever since. I celebrated when he lost in Fl last Nov. and I was proud to vote against him.
              You’re just using that as an excuse to make your argument that you don’t like Trump but please spare me the the speech.

              1. Calm down…calm down…I’m happy Nelson got thrown out.

                My dad voted for Carter in ’76 and regretted that as well.

                No, I’m not using it as an argument that I don’t like Trump…I actually plan to vote for him in 2020 if he’s the nominee, and I pray for him daily.

                I just can’t stand how he acts sometimes…especially considering all of the liberal politicians he’s donated to, supported and said that they would do a great job.

                Spare you the speech? You were telling me to calm down…

                Would you have donated $20,000 to the DCCC? What conservative Republican do you think would have done that?

                Trump is NOT beyond reproach.

              1. I’m perfectly calm (haven’t had coffee yet)…sorry I made you think I wasn’t.

                Have a good day!

      1. Not that I’m beyond reproach, but most of the things I’ve done that I regret were before I was 30…some minor exceptions exist however.

        Plus, I can’t imagine EVER donating to the Democrat Communist Congressional Committee. Would any self respecting conservative do this?

    1. As Doc said below, it is very common for business people to donate some money to both parties. Sometimes the reason is to keep the IRS away. I’m sure there are other reasons. We have a friend who is quite wealthy & a solid conservative that does donate sometimes a little to the Dems for this reason.
      Personally, I couldn’t but I understand their point.

        1. Personally I give him a pass, he’s working hard and portions of the wall is being built while he is crucified 24/7 by the corrupt media and ungrateful Americans.

          1. That’s fine, but if he doesnt get the walls built and this massive surge under control we will no longer have a choice to support him or not.

            The numbers will be forever in Democrats favor.

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