Trump says WE NEED DACA amnesty because we don’t have enough workers…

What a turnaround. In his speech in Pennsylvania today he told the crowd that we need to pass DACA because he’s going to bring in so many companies that we don’t have enough workers.

Watch below:

The idiot media is focusing on him quoting a mafia movie – because him quoting a mafia movie means he’s in the mafia. They didn’t give a damn when Obama did it of course. Idiots.

I thought they were all rapists and murderers? Now they’re “good people” and hard workers and we *NEED* them. Kinda sounds like a Democrat.

But don’t worry, if you like Trump’s political stance on anything, just give it 15 minutes and it’ll change to the opposite position. It’s like musical chairs or roulette – you get spun around and hope that you land on a position you want…

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