Trump sends BIG warning to China

This morning Trump sent a big warning to China over next year’s election, telling them if they hold out on the trade deal for the election and he wins, the deal they get will be much worse than what he’s offering them now:

It’s interesting that Trump admits that China is being far more stubborn than he anticipated. A rare admission from Trump?

With this morning’s warning Trump is clearly trying to push them toward a deal because he believes they are trying to wait out the election. But will they take the bait or will they take their chances with the election? With new reports of China actively trying to get Trump unelected, I’m guessing Beijing wants to take their chances.

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42 thoughts on “Trump sends BIG warning to China

  1. But will they take the bait or will they take their chances with the election? With new reports of China actively trying to get Trump unelected, I’m guessing Beijing wants to take their chances.

    Odds on democrats demanding a special council to investigate Trump’s collusion with China?

  2. It’s just about unbelievable past administrations allowed China to gain such an unfair advantage and the headway Trump has made at getting us back on course can be wiped out by just a few uninformed voters in a few states. POTUS, I have your back pal. RS, how about some Melania fashion pics? I luv her harder than a goat can butt a stump, and you guys need to spice this site up 😉

  3. He’s right, we hold most of the cards. Many companies have moved or are planning to move operations to countries like Vietnam, Malaysia etc. But the Chinese government has plenty of money for what they’re trying to accomplish. Enough to wait and see. They know they’ll bend a Democrat over like a five dollar whore so I’m sure it’s worth the wait.

  4. China is in it for the long haul. They’d prefer that he’s gone, but 4 more years is nothing in the long march.

  5. Everyone tries to meddle in our elections. But we have 50 separate elections with independent polling places all over every state. Good luck with that.

    1. The biggest and most effective meddler of all is the MSM, followed by corrupt politicians (mostly Dems) who stuff ballot boxes with votes from dead people, criminals, and illegal aliens.

    2. I’m more concerned by internal meddling like the registrar in Broward that was fired by governor and I’m sure there are many more that we don’t even know about.

  6. BREAKING NEWS: Joe diGenova reveals that A.G., Barr will begin the declassification process on Wednesday. Barr will begin releasing many of the documents that Devin Nunes has been requesting for the past two+ years. Joe said, Barr is doing this now because, Durham’s criminal investigation is going along very quickly.

    1. Saw that on twitter and more than one site was talking about Barr releasing docs. Something’s coming for sure. Last week I had read the IG has evidence Comey conspired against Trump. Let’s get it out and the sooner the better.

      Question………do you think the MSM will report it or hide it?

    2. Can’t wait to see the Russian Hoax finally get tied in with the Epstein Pedophile case, and all of it laid at the feet of Hillary Clinton.

      Though nothing will ever be done to her.

  7. China isn’t impressed by tweets. China is guided by what it perceives to be its interests, its historical experience, its conception of its place in the world, and the balance of power in all of its dimensions. It is entirely possible that China will interpret these tweets as signaling growing desperation on Trump’s part—desperation to achieve a breakthrough ahead of the 2020 election to demonstrate that he can make deals. If so, China’s position could harden further and its terms could grow more demanding.

    1. Don, you are so right! The Tweets can absolutely be viewed as desperation, especially when Trump is criticizing the Fed too. Good grief the Tweets sound so childish.

      China is a communist country. Apparently, Navarro has Trump convinced that he can change their communist ways by making a trade deal.

      The Chinese will NEVER make a deal where they will be bound to compliance inspections, etc.
      To think otherwise is silly. Especially since Americans are paying the tariffs, and not the Chinese (the tariffs are imposed by importers, and then passed onto consumers).

    2. China’s #1 priority is the honor of China. The nation will do whatever it takes to avoid bringing shame on the nation.

      Trump is the opposite. Trump has no shame. Better or worse, shame is no threat to Trump.

  8. Honestly speaking, Trump has stolen all
    of these Dem talking points on trade, duties, currency manipulation, etc… China probably would not fair any better with a Democrat. They would come under immense scrutiny for caving in after calling Trump a traitor to Russians (for example) for years. The Chinese, like the Russians are in a bad place either way I think.

    1. Trump has been badmouthing China since before he ever gave money to the Clintons. If anything, the Dems got a lot of their China rhetoric from him.

  9. China will be using their 1.5 billion consumers to bribe social media in the biggest attempt ever to defraud an American election. Google will be hiding content an alert Ray Charles can see disappear. There’s accusations of them divulging and suppressing military info now.

  10. This is what people don’t like about Trump…………he tells them like it is. As to them meddling in next year’s election no doubt they and others will try. However, it was the Dems and their cohorts in the Deep State, foreign governments and social media who did more damage in 2016 than anyone else. THESE are the people who need to be stopped and that’s why Durham’s investigation is so vital to our nation. May the indictments begin!

  11. Joe Biden’s crackhead son is a multimillionaire because China thought Joe would be the heir to Obama’s legacy. If you think about it, it’s kinda funny; all those millions Hunter is spending on crack couldn’t be spent building and militarizing manmade islands to subvert freedom of navigation. Good job Crackhead, that’s probably the only positive contribution you’ve made in life.

  12. Both China and Trump are getting very desperate for a deal and I would say China is much more desperate to keep their economy from collapsing, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they waited for 2020 election and make a deal after that.

  13. I love how Democrat voters like to portray an example of basic sales leverage in a deal as “a sign of desperation.”

    It just shows that Democrats don’t know how *anything* works.

  14. I love how Trump operates. He’s like a DA offering a plea deal to a perp….”You’ve got an hour to make up your mind, or then it will be 20 years or more.”

  15. We have all the cards

    Well, there is one card we should be really worried about: tech. Namely, 5G networks and their growth, and the development of AI. The Chinese are outpacing us on this, and they control a disturbing amount of the production and development in the world.

    That ain’t just a concern about our cell networks and binge-watching streaming video. These have hardcore military, economic, and national security concerns that go with it.

  16. He doesn’t need to admit that China is being stubborn. That’s already evident with their deal changes at the last second making them unacceptable.

    Hmmmmm…..I wonder if there’s going to be a big deal made about China trying to help Democrats win. / sarc

    1. Of course, they want a Democrat to win!
      The media would help them tamper with the election as would the DNC.

  17. If not for the Repubican cowards in the Senate, Trump’s accomplishments by now would all but guarantee his reelection. But why would Mitch go against the interests of his family? China did so much to make them rich!

    1. If for less wasted time on Twitter, watching Fox programming, and whining, and more time and effort spent on governance, he might have some tangible accomplishments.

  18. China should just sign a deal to Trump’s liking then renege on it later like they’ve done for decades. The WTO is powerless to punish.

  19. No way can I disagree with what the Presidents just said.Every successful Business man in the world would make the very same statements.Nice comments Mr. President.

  20. It’s like “inside baseball” where we are given information that is normally kept quiet. I gotta admit that I like it.

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