Trump sinks to new lows, suggests DeSantis is a pedophile…

Donald Trump has sunk to new lows today, retruthing an alleged photo of an adult DeSantis drinking with high school girls.

The photo that Trump retruthed said “Here is Ron DeSanctimonious grooming high school girls with alcohol as a teacher.”

After posting this Trump doubled down with another retruth from the same magahole posting this stuff in the first place, who accused DeSantis of ‘cuddling’ with these high school girls and called it ‘ephebophiliaesque’:

For those what don’t know, ‘Ephebophilia’ is the “primary sexual interest in mid-to-late adolescents, generally ages 15 to 19.”

Like I said, Trump is accusing DeSantis of pedophilia and it’s probably the sleaziest thing he’s done in quite some time.

Trump has been on an attack-DeSantis binge since DeSantis took the gold medal on election day in November, so to speak. But this is the lowest he’s gone in attacking DeSantis.

Trump needs to stop being a chump and just tout his record of accomplishments. If he thinks this is making conservatives like him then he’s wrong. Sure, the hardcore MAGAs, who’d drink his bath water if he gave it to them, are going to love everything he does. But many of us who strongly supported Trump in the past absolutely hate this garbage he’s spewing, especially considering DeSantis hasn’t said one negative word about Trump.

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