Trump SLAMS Fox News AGAIN; threatens to PUNISH them!

El Presidente Trumpo is getting more and more agitated about Fox News just not being MAGA enough for his liking. It might have been about a recent poll that didn’t show favorable numbers for him.

He slammed Juan Williams and also Donna Brazile, who was accused of giving those CNN debate questions to Hillary Clinton. In a very revealing comment, he implies that he could change his mind about letting them host 3 debates.

Here’s what he said:

Earlier he slammed Juan Williams.

I know a lot of people get angry at Williams, but he’s actually pretty reasonable at times. I mean, he’s there to present the other side, the liberal Democrat side. I think Fox News would be pretty boring if they didn’t present the counter-argument, even if it’s just so that Greg Gutfeld and Jesse Waters can scream incoherently at him to shut up. IN any case, el Trumpo doesn’t like it one bit.

And he doesn’t like these poll numbers, so Fox News better get off their a$$es and change his poll numbers dammit!!

What’s interesting is that he has been praising the ONANistic network a lot. They definitely praise him without ceasing and don’t give much space to any dissenting voices.

Do you think we might see ONAN network hosting the debates instead? Hmmm….

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70 thoughts on “Trump SLAMS Fox News AGAIN; threatens to PUNISH them!

  1. They definitely praise him without ceasing and don’t give much space to any dissenting voices.

    And thus we learn why he likes OANN.

  2. Williams was fired at WaPo for sexual harassment! Why does Fox keep him when it cleanses itself of any mention of alleged improprieties of its staff?

  3. Sooper, you really think OANN is a coitus interruptus network?

    Have not watched it myself, yet….

  4. Maybe Trump should have the debates on CNN instead, to see if Lemon calls him racist to his face. After all, that’s the new marching orders from the NY Slimes since the Russian delusion blew up.

  5. I have to disagree with the President on this one. Polls, especially at this point in the race, don’t really mean much anyway, and jumping on Fox News doesn’t accomplish anything.

    Now the other networks like CNN and MSNBC are all-hate-Trump, all day long. But even if you have a few Dem voices on Fox, so what? There is no comparison to those other Media outlets.


    1. Agreed. I can’t imagine how it feels to be attacked 24/7 by the hate Trump media…called a white supremacist, racist, Nazi etc with journalists actually encouraging it. I think he should just ignore polls and spend his time taking on the left with facts .

  6. Juan is a Loon…Get over it Trump. What you should be talking about is Antifa and their disgusting comments about the cops,,,,and while they go around anywhere they hear has a crowd and proceed to abuse people…
    It’s Illegal! WTF Trump. There’s lots of other things to address…I don’t give 2 craps what Juan Williams or any of them say, we quit watching when we had to hear about Trump 24/7. Marks show is it.

    1. He likes watching Fox. That’s why he comments on it as if he were their programming director. I wonder if we could get him to make Fox bring back Firefly.

  7. Well obviously Williams is a hypocrite: He wants to get his photo with Trump, but then trashes him. And hiring Donna Brazille shows how left Fox has become.

    1. You mean the same thing that Trump has done behind the keyboard, then all smiles, life is great…. when meeting that individual in person?

      Agree100% on Brazille.

    1. Yeah, but he thinks by threatening them, as he does with anyone who doesn’t bow to him, that they’ll change. Anyone showing him losing/behind will get trashed.

  8. I really wish Trump would start tweeting facts about gun control instead of letting the democrats control the narrative. Like there are 4 times more homicides using knives than rifles…mass shooters pass background checks etc. Also calling out democrat run inner cities.

    1. Your right, that last rally did not match up with what trump had suggested about working with the other side on tougher gun registration.I loved his comments in that rally at Dayton.he was tough as nails,against Gun Control.Nice post nece9

  9. Its getting kind of hot over at Fox.Lets see where Hannity’s real allegiance lies.Come on Sean lets see you rip Fox news just one time..I also believe Trish Regan has had her last interview with the President.

  10. Good grief – he’s the most powerful man in the world as POTUS and he wastes time and energy over this B.S.? This is why I have so much trouble with him. I can like what he says and does at times and then he does this crap and I am totally disgusted.

    1. Don’t get totally disgusted,just a little bit.Unless Abbott elects to run against him,then I can go for that.Those other 20 jerks,Nooooooooooooo thank you.

    1. Same here.
      He was also the first I heard actually state that media is America’s worst enemy.

  11. Sadly, I now think a Dem will be elected… Trump, if he wants out, will sign worthless “gun control” legislation, eroding our Natural Rights, and that will be it… We will have lost our country.

  12. The Murdoch children are doing their best to turn FOX News into CNN… all polled were Registered Voters and Trump was supposed to lose by 30 points in 2016. There’s my analysis!

  13. Can we all agree that every MSM“news” channels(CNN,ABC,FOX,NBC,CBS,etc) just suck period & all they do is divide and stoke fear in the U.S just for ratings?

  14. I wish he would ask SOLID conservatives to monitor the debates…. Dennis Prager, Thomas Sowell, Dinesh D’Souza…Dan Bongino… Candace Owens…. (I would love Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh but they might be too controversial?)… but there are certainly LOTS of conservatives who would be excellent….

    Why does it have to be FOX, because quite honestly – FOX is not all that conservative anymore – they moved to the center years ago and put their support behind the GOP ESTABLISHMENT and NOT conservatives. That’s why they wanted Romney… and Jeb Bush.. and even Marco Rubio… and they finally settled on Trump because he was “malleable” and not as conservative as Ted Cruz! And now that Rupert has retired and his even more liberal sons have taken over… it is NOT the old FOX News anymore! I like Brett Baier – he is a consummate professional, and I’ve always liked Stuart Varney – but I drifted away from watching FOX years ago when Glenn Beck left and they changed their focus.

  15. Why Fox would ever hire someone like Donna Brazille after she was fired at CNN for feeding debate questions (cheating) to Hillary Clinton is beyond me.

  16. I am not happy with Fox News………..many are not happy with Fox News…….now wonder President Trump is also not happy with Fox News. He is just speaking out and once again he is right. But most of all if he doesn’t defend himself, the Office and his accomplishments, who is going to do that? And does anyone know where Tucker Carlson is because this is really alarming! There is no freedom of speech in Fox News anymore.

  17. One of the thinks I dislike about Juan is his constant bringing in of Trump into almost any comment in a negative way; he parrots what they say on CNN and MSNBC. He also makes condescending looks at the others rolling his eyes, acting as if they are stupid especially at Watters but never Parino.

    1. I hate as well when Juan plays being surprised about what the other commentators are saying. He is always Mr. Perfect and I cannot listen to him and always switch to another channel when he is on. He is the reason why I don’t watch The Five.

  18. Juan Williams at @FoxNews is so pathetic, and yet when he met me in the Fox Building lobby, he couldn’t have been nicer as he asked me to take a picture of him and me for his family. Yet he is always nasty and wrong!

    This quote from Trump is so typical, and yet so odd. Does he really think that anyone who so much as shakes his hand or asks for a photo owes him everlasting fealty?

    1. It would be different if Juan just disagreed with Trump and still maintained a professional air between them. But he trashes Trump to the bone. You don’t call someone racist on national television then ask for a picture with the racist. It’s disingenuous. If Juan really believed Trump was the POS he says he is he wouldn’t ask for that picture.

    2. Talks smack about Trump on air every day. Then smiles and want’s a picture with the wife and kids. I would have told him to bugger off.

  19. Let’s be honest, fox worshipped Trump in the primaries, both fox and CNN is a joke. At least Oann reports real news unlike the soap opera media we have today.

    1. IMO Fox was working with the rest of the MSM to help Trump win the primaries too. The leadership at Fox wanted Killary to win. And like every one else, they were deathly afraid of a Ted Cruz presidency.

  20. It’s no big secret Fox has been drifting left for the last several years. Trump has every right to be concerned with the Fox News Network.

  21. At this point can you really fault Trump? I wonder how long anyone else would hold up after how many years now of being hounded by the media, and a slew of other organizations and people? From my view much of that hounding has turned out to be completely false and heavily misconstrued. As for his own words, even those are placed under a scanning electron microscope.

    Not trying to justify him, just trying to apply a bit of sympathy and understanding.

  22. Juan Williams isn’t reasonable.

    Trump’s just doing what he does best in trying to manipulate the media and the way people view the media. It may seem like he’s whining about it but he’s putting the thought in his supporter’s heads. More or less it’s “nothing to see here” when it comes to Fox. Half the battle in an election is with the media.

    1. I’ve heard that off set, The Five are all buddy-buddy and go out for drinks together. I can’t help but wonder how much of it is an act.

  23. The liberals running Fox now don’t care about his threats. Just like CNN and the others don’t care about there ratings.

  24. No, I don’t find Juan Williams reasonable. I rarely like anything he says. His take is always Left of center, rarely even what I would call “center”. He’s never on the Right. The Left is by its nature unreasonable, irrational, authoritarian, egalitarian, when brought to it’s logical conclusion. And now that Fox has brought on Brazile, well, expect a lot of clear thinking, outspoken conservatives to be bashing Fox. I will. Thank you, POTUS.

    1. Brazile is an instant channel turner for me. Hard to believe FOX brought on a knowingly corrupt democrat operative. Ailes may have had his personal faults, but he never would have taken the station down this path. Murdoch’s sons are slowly pushing it farther and farther to the left

    2. They just pulled him from the sewer at PBS as a publicity stunt. I personally wish they would throw him and his black privilege back into the sewer. If any black days it, he will applaud it no matter how big the lie is.

  25. “he’s there to present the other side”

    No he is not. He is there to push liberal lies and dishonest talking points. Period.

  26. I am falling out with fox lately. Smith is a committee trump hater. You can’t be fair and balanced by telling lies and supposition. Just the facts ma’am, just the facts.

  27. After the Murdoch boys took over, the entire network has been changing to the left.

    Anyone listening to the modern day leftists is in the minority more now than ever

    Should the economy tank or there is a sudden epiphany of moderation from these lefties, Trump might be in trouble.

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