Trump SLAMS Fox News AGAIN; threatens to PUNISH them!

El Presidente Trumpo is getting more and more agitated about Fox News just not being MAGA enough for his liking. It might have been about a recent poll that didn’t show favorable numbers for him.

He slammed Juan Williams and also Donna Brazile, who was accused of giving those CNN debate questions to Hillary Clinton. In a very revealing comment, he implies that he could change his mind about letting them host 3 debates.

Here’s what he said:

Earlier he slammed Juan Williams.

I know a lot of people get angry at Williams, but he’s actually pretty reasonable at times. I mean, he’s there to present the other side, the liberal Democrat side. I think Fox News would be pretty boring if they didn’t present the counter-argument, even if it’s just so that Greg Gutfeld and Jesse Waters can scream incoherently at him to shut up. IN any case, el Trumpo doesn’t like it one bit.

And he doesn’t like these poll numbers, so Fox News better get off their a$$es and change his poll numbers dammit!!

What’s interesting is that he has been praising the ONANistic network a lot. They definitely praise him without ceasing and don’t give much space to any dissenting voices.

Do you think we might see ONAN network hosting the debates instead? Hmmm….

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