Trump ACCUSES Obama of WIRETAPPING Trump Tower in EPIC tweet TIRADE!

President Trump was able to finally overpower Kellyanne Conway and snatch back his phone to tweet his powerful tweets to the American public! And he went on an epic tirade, fit only for a president.

CNN’s Mike Smerconish thinks Trump learned about this from Mark Levin – we posted that segment from “the Great One” here. If the President is visiting the site to listen, we definitely wouldn’t object to a tweet linking our post, at all!

Uhm, this is basically our headline from yesterday, so perhaps we have a new reader at the scoop?

Trump returns to the wiretapping:

Is this a threat? Kinda sounds like it:

UPDATE: CNN says nobody is saying nothing. 

Trump did not offer evidence for the claim. The White House did not immediately return requests for comment Saturday morning. An Obama spokesman had no comment regarding Trump’s claims.

We have posted the evidence that Trump might be referring to here. 

End update.

This is another favored Trump tactic – he’s been accused of being very Nixonian by the press and the left for trying to cover up the Russian scandal, so that’s exactly what he’s gonna slap on Obama.

And finally, he rips into Arnold Schwarzenegger, because we all have been waiting breathlessly for that….

I say we do a round of Terminator versus Commander-in-Chief and settle this once and for all!!

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