TRUMP SPEAKS: Lights up PA Dems refusing to allow observers, points out MOST EVER votes for sitting President

After some time at his golf club on Saturday morning, where he posed for some photos with American citizens who admire and respect him, President Donald Trump returned to the White House to find Covid guideline violating hordes indulging their hedonistic whims outside the gates in a germ-infested bacchanal of bad judgement and hypocrisy.

Not too long after the president cracked open Twitter like we were all hoping he would, and immediately called it like it is. Observers were illegally barred from observing. That’s what happened.

71,000,000 votes, legal and counted, were for incumbent Republican President Trump, the most EVER for a sitting president.

The media has been in afterglow for days over Biden’s record-setting tally. Not a peep for Trump’s. That’s because, having gotten their guy in office, they want to make sure people believe there is some kind of mandate for Democrat policies. There is not.

Here are the first two of hopefully many tweets from President Donald Trump, Republican, on this Saturday afternoon.

You will note Twitter once again slapped a label on Trump’s tweets. At this point that’s not just a badge of honor, it’s a badge of HONESTY.

Biden is scheduled to address the nation later as “president-elect.” I sure hope the actual president live tweets that mess.

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