Trump STILL LYING about a fabricated quote to smear Ted Cruz HOURS after being caught on it!!

Today the Trump campaign just made up a quote supposedly from Senator Coburn calling Cruz a terrible liar. Plenty of people called him on it immediately and it’s been hours since they’ve been made aware that the quote is made up.

And yet Trump is still talking about it as if it’s true, because truth doesn’t matter to the toupee’d totalitarian:

Ironically, he’s actually trying to use the fake quote in order to mark Cruz as a liar.

This was tweeted about five hours ago, and deleted:


But he’s STILL talking about it at the rallies!!! Unbelievable.

That’s a perfect Trump tactic – accuse someone loudly of something you’re doing, and hope you can shout them out. And the idiot press is too afraid to call him on it.

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