Trump supporters suddenly OUTRAGED over photoshops of Trump going around…

Mirror mirror on the wall, I’m outraged over Trump being photoshopped!

Oh dear Trump supporter, did you not get outraged at all the times Team Trump shared photoshops of DeSantis and suggested he was a pedophile?

Today JD Vance and MTG are very upset over Trump being photoshopped hugging Fauci. (Some are calling it AI, but it’s really just photoshop) In fact JD Vance is so upset that he refused to share it:

MTG said it needs to be taken down!

Okay first of all, and to my knowledge, it wasn’t an ad. It was a montage to show Trump’s own words on why he didn’t ‘fire’ Fauci. It included three photos of Trump embracing Fauci to bring home the point (25 secs in):

Again, this was his own responses to why he didn’t ‘fire’ Fauci. He never said he couldn’t fire Fauci…

But back to the post. Say what you will about these photos, but there are many times that Trump has smeared DeSantis since last November, when he realized DeSantis was his greatest enemy. Here’s a few:

Where was JD Vance and MTG (and Tim Pool) when these were being shared??? Trump has maliciously lied about DeSantis for months and they haven’t said a word.

This whole outrage thing is beyond stupid to me, which is why I haven’t posted it until now. I just couldn’t bring myself to care about it with just Tim Poll outraging on Twitter. But when I saw JD Vance and MTG as part of this, it became a story.

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