Trump TROLLS his critics on Greenland ….LIKE A BOSS

There’s been a lot of hubbub over the news reports last week that the Trump administration talked about purchasing the island of Greenland. Denmark came out and said that Greenland is not for sale and the media mocked Trump for it. Trump acknowledged it, though, to reporters and said strategically it is of interest even though it’s not on the front burner:

When I heard the news I thought the same, that because Greenland sits so far north that it would likely be a great place for missile defense. If it were possible to purchase the island we’d probably be foolish not to consider it.

There was a lot on social media about this, with people making jokes about Trump putting a big hotel on Greenland’s coast. Well fast forward to just a few minutes ago, and Trump decided to troll his critics by tweeting one of the joke photos going around and saying that he’d never to that to Greenland:

LOL! Nice trolling. Love it. Glad to see Trump’s sense of humor is intact.

UPDATE: From the creator of the image…

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15 thoughts on “Trump TROLLS his critics on Greenland ….LIKE A BOSS

  1. If the US were to actually expand our territory, the cater-walling from the left about imperialism would be like a F7 tornado. That alone makes it worthwhile pushing for this. Of course, we’d want to dress it up by giving Greenland a vote, etc.

    I can see the DNC actively campaigning in Greenland for them to vote against becoming a US territory.

    …and 5 seconds after Greenland’s residents vote to go with the US, the DNC will be there promising freebies in exchange for votes.

    As a territory, their votes for president are purely symbolic, they get no senators, and no voting rep in the House. That’s the perfect location to place all the illegals. We just declare the entire territory a detainee facility. No more cages, we can just free-range them on the tundra. We can setup a massive federal penal colony too.

    This just gets better and better.

  2. The haters will say, “look! How not presidential and distasteful.” (Wait for French, Amash, or the other losers to come out and criticize).

    Good Trump!

  3. Meanwhile, illegal aliens pour across the border, federal spending is off the charts, health insurance markets are a mess, corruption runs rampant in the FBI and the 2A is under multipronged assault.

    And did I mention Antifa is still not classified as a domestic terrorist organization?

    But 7D Donald insists on playing with his phone.

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