Trump tweets about Mike Flynn and liberals say it PROVES obstruction of justice…

El Trumpollini just tweeted about Mike Flynn again and at first blush it doesn’t look like anything new.

But look closer – he says something that he’s never said before. The White House has always said Flynn was fired because he lied to Mike Pence. But now he’s adding that he fired him for lying to the FBI…

Liberals are saying this is basically admitting he committed obstruction of justice:

OK so, he’s got a point – Trump asked Comey to drop the Flynn matter when he was the FBI director. But there’s a big ol’ BUT in there. Here it is: BUT that’s according to the Comey memo version about what happened. Trump could easily deny that he ever asked him to drop the Flynn matter.

More people who think Trump just Obama’ed himself:

This is kinda meaningless – who knows when Trump found out Flynn was lying to the FBI, or even if that’s accurate.

They think this is a “gotcha” but that would ONLY be the case if they could prove absolutely that Trump tried to get Comey to drop the matter against Flynn. I’m not sure anyone can do that.

And one last thing – tweets are not testimony. He could just say he forgot, or confused the two things, or lied, nobody cares. Always remember: nobody cares.

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