Trump warns that he’s about to UNLEASH the EPA on San Francisco

Trump is about to unleash the EPA on the city of San Francisco because of their huge waste problem that comes from their huge homelessness problem:

NBC BAY AREA – President Donald Trump threatened to unleash the Environmental Protection Agency on San Francisco Wednesday after a California visit during which he blamed the homelessness crisis on “liberal” policies.

Trump accused the city of allowing a tremendous amount of waste, including needles, to go through storm drains into the ocean.

“It’s a terrible situation that’s in Los Angeles and in San Francisco,” Trump told reporters on Air Force One as he returned to Washington. “And we’re going to be giving San Francisco — they’re in total violation — we’re going to be giving them a notice very soon.”

“They have to clean it up. We can’t have our cities going to hell,” he said.

I’m sure Nancy Pelosi would go bonkers over this, being her district and all.

The mayor claims they are being responsible…

In a statement, Mayor London Breed called Trump’s remarks “ridiculous” and said storm drain debris is filtered out at city wastewater treatment plants so that none flows “into the bay or ocean.”

San Francisco has long struggled with problems of human waste and needles on the streets in the Tenderloin district, where many addicts and homeless people are found. The city set up public toilets and last year announced formation of a special six-person “poop patrol” team to clean up the human waste.

The city also announced funding to hire people to pick up used needles.

Many of those needles came from the city itself. The health department hands out an estimated 400,000 clean syringes a month under programs designed to reduce the risk of HIV and other infections for drug users who might otherwise share contaminated needles.

I don’t care what the mayor says. If you have something called “poop patrol” then you know you have a serious problem.

Send in the EPA!

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81 thoughts on “Trump warns that he’s about to UNLEASH the EPA on San Francisco

  1. This is a great Catch 22 by Trump. If the city criticizes Trump for this (like the mayor is doing), it makes them look like they don’t care about pollution and public health. If they agree to do clean-up, they will appear to be caving to Trump AND admitting that he was right. Love it!

  2. All the unregulated fecal deposits are contributing to global warming. If SF does nothing they are a big contributor to our global warming crisis.

    How’s that one work for ya?

  3. When Nancy and her posse really need to chill,
    They take a ride around town in her Poop de Ville

    * * *
    Next commenter, take it!

  4. If I remember correctly, though I try my best to avoid that city, 30 minutes from where I live, there are warning labels on storm drains that warn that these lead to the bay or the ocean and that substances, like motor oil, should not be dumped down them.
    So much for the mayor’s claims.
    A screen, stopping needles, won’t stop raw sewage.

  5. Are these poop patrol and syringe picker-upper jobs pay a living wage? I see this as a win-win if these jobs are provided to the homeless muffin-stump eaters.

  6. While he’s at it Trump should send the CDC to California. There’s typhus and leprosy in LA. But by all means ban plastic straws!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think the Lord is showing us what a godless society looks like. I consider it a warning from Heaven because this is what the Democrats want to do to the entire country. May God help and save us from Democrats and their policies.

    1. I had words with stupid waitress where we were dining the other day. The soda was served in plastic cups and if you wanted a straw, you had to ask. They gave you a paper straw and you put it in your PLASTIC cup. This brainwashed idiot just said, “we all have to do our part”, when I asked her why the cup was plastic and the straw paper. I said you should serve the soda in glasses if you are doing your part. I told her that waxy film on the paper straw takes more energy to produce than used to make a plastic straw plus that waxy stuff will be the next thing the left starts pimping that is bad for the environment. Plastic straws float, paper ones don’t. They dissolve and turn to mush.

      Just remember, we had to get rid of paper bags to save trees. We were told to use plastic, that should be recycled. Now, plastic is bad. Wait a few years, plastics will again be the future.

      1. I LOVE that I am now in a sane state! And I truly thank God every day for allowing me to move. Here, you don’t have buy plastic bags at Wal-Mart. I don’t have to ask for a straw for my drink, and it’s a plastic bendy one when I get it. Fuel is almost $2.00 less. Registration on a vehicle is hundreds of dollars less. You can burn wood in a fireplace. Everyone I have met here thinks democrats are the bain of the USA. For all of you still in that hellhole of a state, try to get out as soon as possible. You will be surprised at how happy you will be.

    2. I had a smoothie the other day, and they gave me one of those paper straws. It took me three of them to get through it because they kept collapsing.

      1. Amazon sells plastic straws, I got a box of 300 when California went crazier. Gave them away when I moved to friends there, they keep them in their purses, cars, use instead of those worthless paper straws.

      2. Did they serve the smoothie in a plastic cup? I love how the cup is plastic and the straw is paper.

        I know, those paper straws are worthless. They turn to mush. It takes more energy to make those things than to make plastic straws. And plastic straws float, how do they end up on the ocean floor as the left gaslights us into believing? Another thing, cigarette butts pollute waterways, streets and sidewalks more than straws. They don’t go after cigarettes because they generate revenue and governments get a lot of tax money. This stupid straw thing is just about control.

      3. I always hated paper straws! Have you seen any of the different varieties of reusable ones being sold?

        1. My friend uses one, but I agree with Desiree below. It seems too easy to miss a spot that could grow nasty stuff.

          If I was really convinced it was a problem, I think a better idea would be to slit the straw when finished with it. Wasn’t the whole problem the shape?

  7. This is classic Trump and I for one love it because it exposes they type of society they want to force on we the people. I for one want no part of their utopia ie San Francisco, L.A., Chicago……

  8. I don’t buy their stupid excuses about “filtering before it gets into the ocean.” That’s a lie. The curbs with storm drains are printed with messages that warn not to thrown things in because it drains directly to the ocean.

    This is so brilliant because if this isn’t a proper use of the EPA what is?

          1. I don’t know about the budget issues, I always assumed they each had their own. But EPA is Environmental Protection, not disaster relief. Seems like a clear difference to me.

  9. Why aren’t the citizens of S.F. up in arms. The streets are crawling with rats and disease, not to mention drugs and mentally ill people, good grief man, don’t just shake your head and look sad, do something!

    1. Honestly, it’s because to say something about it would be unwoke. I know many people in and from the Bay Area and they are insane politically. Some of them are damned near hitlerian, and I hate using that as an example.

    2. The citizens don’t matter. Leftist run cities, counties and states don’t care what citizens want. And idiots keep electing leftists to positions of power.

  10. Why are the tax payers from other States required to do what San Francisco’s Feinstein and Pelosi refuses to do? Protect their citizen from Filth and Disease.They created their own garbage dump let them them wallow in it.What the EPA should to do for public safety, place signs throughout SF, warning visitors to visit at their on peril.

  11. the left have been using the EPA against the citizens of this country for a long time- let them reap what they sow!

  12. Storm drain filtering does not prevent the waste from permeating through the ground and contaminating ground water though. You know, the same reason they send gestapo to small businesses and fine them for cracks in the floor. Nice try, idiots.

  13. But apparently those same drain filters are ineffective when it comes to stopping plastic straws from flowing to the bay or ocean.

  14. So the mayor isn’t demanding that the homeless live like civilized people? Sounds like she wants to create a caste system, where the poor (homeless) (slaves?) are let run wild because you know they can’t do any better, anyways. They are the American Dalit.

    1. no they only want to demand that the non citizen illegal aliens at the border live better and have soap and ritz carlton vip treatment– because ‘we’re better than that”

  15. On my ride into work this am I was reviewing the Federal department’s I would eliminate and the EPA was right behind the Department of Education.

    1. I agree, I’d eliminate them, too. However, as long as they’re still around, it’s fun to give the libs a taste of their own medicine. Use the Left’s weapons against them. Too funny!

  16. So they’ll hire people to clean up the poop and needles, but not hire people to round up the homeless and get rid of them. Interesting.

    I hope their restaurants don’t share the same policies with pest control.

    1. They don’t bother as long as the homeless and drug addicts stay outside the walls of their gated communities. Nancy Pelosi and maxine Waters live in affluent gated communities.

  17. Last I heard, the EPA is a very liberal entity of the gov. However, if President Trump can use them against Kommifornia, so much the better.

    1. that’s what is so funny and ironic– EPA is a total liberal govt agency created to control businesses and here maybe the tables will be turned on their polluting filthy selves

  18. If they really filter debris from getting into the ocean then how come their banning straws and plastic bags in the first effing place??? Oh and BTW the “policies” the President is talking about is the con kamala the c**t sold us called prop 47 where instead of building more prisons and jails they decided to let “non violent” drug users out of prison, so now it’s basically legal to use drugs in commiefornia, the DA’s can’t prosecute so there are no consequences for their behavior!!!

  19. They allow the homeless to do what they want and they help them do it. I saw a report somewhere that they spend over $800k just cleaning up needles off the streets.

    There are portions of the city that they do not tolerate this. You guessed it….where the politicians live.

  20. Lunatic democratic policies created an unsustainable homeless and drug addict problem by enabling them.

    They enable the drug addict population to grow because the addicts know that the democrat politicians and the police turn a blind eye to the problem. The police are not allowed to enforce existing laws that prohibit the use of illegal drugs.

    The homeless population is increasing because they are allowed to set up their makeshift tent cities anywhere they please.

    The crime rate has risen to such unsustainable levels that the police are incapable of keeping up with it.

    Those sixteen poop patrol positions pay each poopologist $74K per year, not including perks. That’s an additional $1,184,000. per year just in those salaries. The democrats also provide “safe spaces” for the addicts to use to shoot up in and they also provided special waste receptacles for the addicts to dispose their needles into. From the articles I’ve read the addicts don’t use either. To combat the huge needle problem the San Fran democrat braintrust is going to create several more positions to clean up the hundreds of thousands of needles that the city forces their tax payers to provide the drug addicts with.

    I’d like to know what the actual total cost to the tax payers is to fund such lunatic policies. I can only assume it’s in the tens of millions of dollars when taking into consideration the negative cause and affect of the exponential increase in the crime rate on top of the loss of corporations that refuse to hold their conferences in the giant toilet bowl known as San Fransisco.

    Just imagine being a contestant on a game show and winning a trip to San Fransisco.

  21. OMG. Trump is, once again, brilliant. He has identified the perfect motivation for a real solution. Imagine rulings from the EPA with appropriate fines and such that SF is POLLUTING THE ENVIRONMENT.

  22. SF hired people whose ONLY job is to clean up human excrement from city sidewalks.
    Nothing 3rd world about that!!!!

    1. spending a fortune to do it– again and again and again. hotels are discounting bigly to get conventions to come

  23. “In a statement, Mayor London Breed called Trump’s remarks “ridiculous” and said storm drain debris is filtered out at city wastewater treatment plants so that none flows “into the bay or ocean.” So, mayor-woman is adamant that the debris won’t hit the ocean but it’s okay on the sidewalk?

  24. In a statement, Mayor London Breed called Trump’s remarks “ridiculous”
    and said storm drain debris is filtered out at city wastewater treatment
    plants so that none flows “into the bay or ocean.”

    Idiot has no idea how it works. Storm drains are separate from sewers. Sewage is treated, storm effluent discharges directly into the bay unless filters are set up at the point of entry, ie: the grate in the street. Here in Seattle the problem is now the drugs are getting into the sea life that we fish for and eat.

    1. so they claim to be caring about the ocean- no straws! why republicans want clean water? no plastic — and here they are polluting like crazy — no leadershop

  25. and the liberals are the ones that keep asking “why don’t republicans want clean water? and here they are washing all this garbage into the ocean. how about if i just grabbed some bricks and started building a little cottage on the sidewalk–its the same thing when they have 100’s of tents put all over the place– when did people get to squat on city land for free?

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