Trump WHINES about ‘bad system’ after DISASTROUS Loss, Team Cruz SLAPS him down in response!!

Here we go again – el Trumpo shows his character yet again in a childish whiny tweet about losing so badly in Colorado yesterday:

Once again, he doesn’t thank the people on the ground that tried to help him, doesn’t take ANY responsibility for the crap-tastic disorganization he had there, and just blames “the system,” because Ted Cruz clearly out-organized him. What a childish whiny brat.

The Cruz camp just slapped him down in a statement about his immaturity:

Yup, just another TrumperTantrum, just like his enormous loss in Wisconsin. Is this the kind of character one needs to be a successful president? When you make excuses for losing, you don’t correct your bad decisions, and you don’t improve your decision-making abilities. This is why a childish billionaire can’t be trusted – he’s always had the cushion of money to shield him from his bad decisions, unlike the rest of us. And that means he’d be a disaster as a president. I mean, look at that face! Who wants that face as president?!?!

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