Trump’s AZ chair CAUGHT on video ANGRILY YELLING at staffers over their INCOMPETENCE! LOL!

Someone captured a very funny video of Trump’s Arizona State campaign Chair yelling and screaming at his doofus aides for screwing up the organization for the primary there!

It’s short but hilarious:

Here’s how the conservative blog Sonoran Alliance described it:

Video surfaced today of Trump’s AZ point person and Chairman Jeff DeWit going off on his TrumpTrain staffers (who appear to be Thayer Verschoor and Charles Munoz) who apparently did not vet the delegates that THEY placed on THEIR slate.

To quote The Donald, they are “lightweight chock artists”.  The TrumpTrain cannot cry foul for their delegate disaster now that we have video evidence blaming each other for their ineptitude.

Just remember this video the next time the tiny-handed Trump says he’ll “hire the best people”.

You can clearly hear Trump’s top guy, but mostly a moron, screaming, “Call me!! I was up all night I didn’t even SLEEP!!! You put names on there you don’t even know what they are?!?!”

Of course, that’s not what they were whining about later – they didn’t mention their complete incompetence before the cameras when they whined that the election was stolen from them.

Here’s how an insider described it to the Daily Caller:

An Arizona Republican party insider told The Daily Caller that while the Trump campaign was organized to a certain degree, the Cruz campaign appeared to have a stronger grass roots operation when it came to persuading long time GOP activists to their side.

“The Trump camp, while they’re organized, I think some of their guys just don’t have the institutional knowledge that some of the folks that are in the Cruz orbit have,” the Party source said.

He explained, “For instance, Jeff Dewitt, who is the state treasurer, is a great guy, but he is brand new and state treasurer is his first elected office. He was a business guy before he arrived on the scene when he ran for state treasurer in 2014. He’s sort of not somebody who has been around the party apparatus for long periods of time.”

DO we really think these incompetent morons will win against the Hillary machine? And if by some miracle they do, they will be just as incompetent in the White House….

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