Trump’s LAWYER composed that tweet, and Trump didn’t even SEE IT…?

So this is very odd. Apparently that controversial tweet where Trump says he fired Mike Flynn because he lied to Mike Pence AND because he lied to the FBI wasn’t written by Trump.

Sources say it was written by his lawyer:

Amid questions raised by the tweet, Trump associates tried to put distance Saturday evening between the president himself and the tweet.

Sources with direct knowledge of the situation told CBS News that Mr. Trump’s personal attorney composed the tweet that implied Mr. Trump knew Flynn had lied to the FBI when he demanded his resignation in February. John Dowd was the principal wordsmith for the tweet, and it’s unclear if Mr. Trump saw the final version, sources said. The president was in between fundraisers in New York when the tweet was sent from an iPhone.

AND they’re not sure if Trump even saw it before it went out? These are supposed to be official statements by the prez, and now they’re not even sure he saw it.

This sounds very shady to me.

Here’s why – the original tweet is very poorly worded. It could be taken to mean he fired Flynn because he lied to Pence, and also, by the way he lied to the FBI. Or it could be taken to mean he fired him for both those reasons:

And what is the purpose of this tweet legally? What possible reason would a lawyer have to write this tweet when it just exposed the prez to more jeopardy?

Doesn’t make sense. I think the prez wrote it and now they’re covering for him.

But again, it doesn’t matter what anything thinks – it’s what you can prove.

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