TSA makes 95 year old woman in wheelchair remove adult diaper

This is just sickening and it has to stop. Republican candidates for 2012 should really make this an election issue because in my opinion this is absolutely un-American and as Rand Paul said, it proves they don’t have a clue what they are doing:

NEWS HERALD – Jean Weber of Destin filed a complaint with the Department of Homeland Security after her 95-year-old mother was detained and extensively searched last Saturday while trying to board a plane to fly to Michigan to be with family members during the final stages of her battle with leukemia.

Her mother, who was in a wheelchair, was asked to remove an adult diaper in order to complete a pat-down search.

“It’s something I couldn’t imagine happening on American soil,” Weber said Friday. “Here is my mother, 95 years old, 105 pounds, barely able to stand, and then this.” …

Weber’s mother entered the airport’s security checkpoint in a wheelchair because she was not stable enough to walk through, Weber said.

Wheelchairs trigger certain protocols, including pat-downs and possible swabbing for explosives, Koshetz said.

“During any part of the process, if there is an alarm, then we have to resolve that alarm,” she said.

Weber said she did not know whether her mother had triggered an alarm during the 45 minutes they were detained.

She said her mother was first pulled aside into a glass-partitioned area and patted down. Then she was taken to another room to protect her privacy during a more extensive search, Weber said.

Weber said she sat outside the room during the search.

She said security personnel then came out and told her they would need for her mother to remove her Depends diaper because it was soiled and was impeding their search.

Weber wheeled her mother into a bathroom, removed her diaper and returned. Her mother did not have another clean diaper with her, Weber said.

Weber said she wished there were less invasive search methods for an elderly person who is unable to walk through security gates.

“I don’t understand why they have to put them through that kind of procedure,” she said.

Koshetz said the procedures are the same for everyone to ensure national security.

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54 thoughts on “TSA makes 95 year old woman in wheelchair remove adult diaper

  1. A lesson here for everyone. First, she should have accompanied her elderly mother into the private search room. Per TSA policy you are allowed to have someone traveling with you accompany you during a private search. This would have helped to protect this woman. There is no legitimate reason for the TSA to ask to remove a depends adult diaper – PERIOD. Second, learn to use the word NO. The TSA cannot FORCE you do do anything – they can ask, they can threaten, they can intimidate, but they cannot touch you or remove any part of your clothing without your permission. Everyone needs to say NO when asked to remove diapers or sanitary napkins or if asked to remove clothing that would expose private parts. Ask for a Law Enforcemenet Officer and then speak with them privately and reasonably – they at least understand the law and are more likley to back you up.

  2. This agency is an abusive, rogue agency and needs to be shut down. This needs to be given to professionals, not misfits with a single digit IQ.

  3. I can state without hesitation that I would currently be sitting in jail had this happened to any member of my family. I would not have allowed it, not without a fight. Sometimes, a thing is so repugnant that no law and no authority on Earth is worth standing still for it. This is one of those things.

  4. Where is this leading us?

    As more and more people avoid flying, the Airlines will suffer.
    What’s next…a Bailout?
    As we have seen with GovernmentMotors…there are strings attached to any bailout coming from this administration.
    I am sure that KingBarry would love to be in control of our air travel.

    Every airport that has an air traffic control tower is under the purview of the Federal Government.
    To its credit, Texas tried to rebel against the Tyranny of the TSA.
    But Obama threatened to shut down the airports in Texas, if they tried to interfere with TSA’s invasive procedures.
    He can do that…unfortunately.

    Shutting down the airports in any state, would severely hurt the citizens and the economy of that state.
    KingBarry doesn’t care.
    He will make an example of any state that threatens his power.

  5. This whole matter of air security has reached a point where in the Department of Homeland Security must be run by a bunch of yahoo’s not having a clue about reality. In fact, other countries do it the proper way. Instead of putting innocent people thru embarrassing situations, the security people instead do background checks on the passengers as they purchase their tickets days and weeks ahead of the flight time. Would it make sense to do such things in America? Certainly! What are the methods employed when last minute purchases are made? Honestly, I do not have a clue, however, had the U.S. president not stepped on a long time ally, we certainly could have obtained information on a “how-to” basis from Israel and found out how they do it. The people in Israel have set down and discussed the how-to’s well in advance of all the most recent problems and not waited until it happened to discover how to do it. This is a lesson American security people might well learn. America is now 27th in education in the world. So what does that have to do with all of this? Certainly, if we are not properly teaching our youngsters how to do things in a proper method, they cannot be expected to think ahead of the game. Throw the Progressives out of the country, fix our educational system, and put some intelligent, well educated people in key positions running things in this country and our problems will be resolved. Leave the Progressives in this country and ultimately, we will lose all freedoms and liberties as well as our beloved country. If we continue on this road we are on thanks to the Democrats, the Progressives from both parties, this will become a country of people fleeing her rather than immigrating into her.

  6. “Koshetz said the procedures are the same for everyone to ensure national security.” Idiot.

  7. “Koshetz said the procedures are the same for everyone to ensure national security.” Idiot.

  8. Yep, didn’t you know that elderly invalids are the best for hiding bombs? (sarcasm) Really, there must be a better way to stop terrorism than this. But, realize that if the terrorists know that certain people are exempt from searches, they may get their very own elderly invalids, or children to do the dirty work–they don’t care who gets blown up, as long as their jihad is accomplished. Perhaps adopt Israel’s airport security measures and quit giving terrorists constitutional rights and resort style treatment at Gitmo.

  9. This is the part that most troubles me: “…they would need for her mother to remove her Depends diaper because it was soiled and was impeding their search.”

    Think about this. They needed the diaper removed because it was **impeding their search**? Was this old woman being subjected to a body cavity search? Are TSA agents allowed to do body cavity searches?

    So in addition to the machines that “see” inside our clothes, the TSA can poke around in our orifices as well? Isn’t that sexual assault?

  10. Well, have to admit, taking a diaper off an elderly lady does make me sleep better at night. At least we know we won’t be attacked by all those 95 years old terrorists!! Whew!

    There needs to be an IQ test required to be a TSA goon. Put up a picture of Adolph Hitler and Mother Teresa and and ask which one is a homicidal maniac.

  11. Hey janet nappy: Racial profile just like they do in Isreal and you would then be able to leave Grandma and most Americans alone. Your were incredibly incompetent as governor of AZ. and you are a trillion X worse and barry’s whipping boy. You need to be fired yesterday.

  12. Hey janet nappy: Racial profile just like they do in Isreal and you would then be able to leave Grandma and most Americans alone. Your were incredibly incompetent as governor of AZ. and you are a trillion X worse and barry’s whipping boy. You need to be fired yesterday.

  13. Since when, in America, do we sit back and allow our elders to be stripped of their very dignity in the name of “security”? The question was rhetorical, folks, because we started allowing this about the same time that we put a community organizer in the Oval Office, and allowed him to appoint pathetically unqualified people in key positions of government. I want to live in the America that gave us Freedom and Liberty. Not in the one that promises “hope & change”. And I’ll do whatever I can to help us get back to where we were.

    1. The power rests in our voices-we must care about the young and the elderly and we MUST speak up about this foolishness that is taking place here. This craziness is putting us the consumer at risk-while they are busy frisking dying American citizens, or innocent children they pass on the potential radical muslim behind us that might be on the flight…

      1. Yeah, they’ll allow the burqa-clad muslim (who may or may not be a woman) go through because, good grief, we wouldn’t want to offend them.

  14. What I don’t understand is why Republican candidates for president aren’t making this one of the central issues of the campaign. It would be easy to pick up that torch and run away with easily another 5% of the electorate who’ve probably been harassed by TSA over the last year or so.

    Part of the problem is that the lapdog media aren’t making a central issue. They would be if George Bush was president but all the “anti-war”, ultra-liberal shrills of the 2000’s were NOT ideological, they were merely partisan for power. What a joke our government has become that there aren’t more loud voices on this.


  15. National Security my ass was a 35 year old arab pushing this wheelchair? No. Then let her pass. My God what have these people at TSA become? Abolish that damn agency. Surely there is a better way to do this. But obozo needs those screeners to help prove his 2 million jobs created claim.

    1. Obama needs TSA and DHS employees given power and control. Remember ……..

      THEN-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE BARACK OBAMA: We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.

      1. Yes I remember that statement vividly; I still cringe when I think about it. I think it would be wise if all here browsing and reading these comments to visit this site and watch this video. It’ll scare the living crap out of you, plus it will bring back memories from the 07-08 campaign one very erie one involving a flight from DC to Chicago. WATCH IT!!!


  16. It will be interesting if Beck goes off on this, Rush too.

    The TSA employees are terrorists and this is all part of the plan. It will continue to happen until people quit flying, when the cash stops flowing they will pay attention.
    I don’t understand how any American could treat a fellow American this way.

    It’s time for some spies to be planted behind the scenes, I cringe at what is being said behind closed doors in terms of training these people. I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t get bonuses for intimidating Americans to test the waters at how far they can push the button. It’s too bad Texas bailed. And yeah, I agree, this needs to be an issue on the campaign trail.

  17. This is unconscionable. Because some Western muslims will be inconvienced as we kuffars try to defend ourselves against the racist genocidal hatred of jihadists, Western muslims demand everyone to be profiled. What better expression of contempt muslims have for their host countries in the West who offer them a life a million times better than they could ever find in a muslim country. At best they display complete indifference to the jihadist menace trying to eradicate us kuffars. And the authoritarian socialist ruling class is only too happy to oblige.

  18. They need to fire every TSA employee and bring in Israeli security. They’ve been doing security for years and they are better at it than anyone in our nanny state could ever be.This is disgusting!

    1. Imagine gang members from a nearby neighborhood making nightly trips to a dozen or so peaceful neighbors around it, terrorizing residents.

      Then imagine instead of tracking them back and busting up the gang, the police instead set up checkpoints, stopping and searching ALL citizens. And imagine they conducted these searches not only into and out of the gang section, but at hundreds of transit points throughout the city. No one would stand for this and a citizen group would fix the problem real fast.

      We need to track each terrorist incident back to who funded it, the terrorists’ own country, or the country/region who harbored the terrorist before they left. We then inflict major damage militarily or financially as appropriate.

  19. “Koshetz said the procedures are the same for everyone to ensure national security.”




  20. “Koshetz said the procedures are the same for everyone to ensure national security.”




  21. If this poor woman is a terror threat, because she’s trying to live to see family one more time, that TSA agent should eat that soiled diaper and provide a clean one for her.

  22. This is not a legitimate government. This is a criminal conspiracy. Everyone, my husband is a Captain for a major airline. I appreciate that people fly so we have a livelihood, but I must tell you, stop flying until this abuse stops. If you stop flying the airlines will step in. If you continue to allow this abuse it will continue.

    This Congress steps in when someone needs to sit on the tarmac for delays, but daily they are allowing the violation of our fourth amendment rights. Stop letting them do this.

    Please read this. The Governors and citizens need to stop obeying any laws set fourth by this corrupt, disgusting, illegitimate government. When will people stop allowing this. Obama is a street thug who represents the worst elements of society. HE DESERVES NO ONES RESPECT. THIS ILLEGITIMATE GOVERNMENT DESERVES NO RESPECT. QUIT ALLOWING THIS ABUSE. FOR GOD’S SAKE, THESE SANE GOVERNORS NEED TO STEP IN AND TELL THIS GANG OF HOODLUMS THIS WON’T BE PERMITTED IN THEIR STATES ANYMORE.

    Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler
    Thursday, 02 June 2011

    On Tuesday (5/31), Ron Paul announced that “we are on the verge of having way too much dictatorship in Washington, D.C.” Verge? Verge??

    The time is way past for verging. Our Federal Government has already become a dictatorship run by a criminal conspiracy calling itself a political party – just as the totalitarian conspiracy of Islamism calls itself a religion.

    We owe no respect whatever to a fascist ideology posing as a religion – and we owe no respect whatever to a criminal gang posing as a political party.

    The time is way past for ending the charade. If it is not ended now – if the Democrat Gang retains the White House in 2012 – then game over for America.

    We’ll itemize a few of the legion of examples of the Gang’s criminality – but at the outset, let’s clearly state the purpose here.

    It is of mortal importance for our future that we deny legitimacy to the Democrats. They are not a legitimate political party advocating legitimate political goals. They are a collection of looters, gangsters, thugs, extortionists, hustlers, shakedown specialists, scam artists, smooth-talking con-men, and mafiosi. All banded together to steal our money and control our lives with guns.
    Read more…http://www.tothepointnews.com/content/view/4552/2/

  23. Wow. Jean Weber is my mother. I’m stunned that this made the national stage so fast (happy, very happy, just stunned). We are all outraged that my grandmother had to go through this. I just don’t get how this is supposed to help stop terrorism and I don’t think anyone has ever been able to explain it in a way that makes any amount of sense.

    1. I’m so sorry for you and your family. Obama has appointed Muslims with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood to DHS, and I think it’s a purposeful act to abuse Americans, and especially white Americans. These incidents are just too numerous to be otherwise. Barack Hussein Obama is an operative for both the Muslim Brotherhood and Weathermen. Huntsman and Rove said they respect Obama? You both have no morals and extremely poor judgement. Huntsman’s judgement disqualifies him from any nomination. We need someone who we will feel safe with. I feel like I’m living in East Germany where they let Hitler victimize his own citizens.

      The Muslim Brotherhood’s Penetration of the Obama Administration
      Posted by Jamie Glazov on Feb 3rd, 2011

    2. Amy,
      Watch this video. This is what a professional security expert would be targeting. They have those professionals in Israel. We have uneducated, burger flippers doing this. I apologize, I’m sure there are some who aren’t but, I wouldn’t even be associated with this agency. No one with any morality or character could ever work for them.

      Obama’s no president. He’s a fraud. I wish he was in front of me, I’d like to kick his ugly face in.

    3. Sorry about your Mom, Amy. What a nightmare. This episode made me wonder if they LIKE to pick the easy targets, and these particular people are just bullies. Babies don’t have diaper checks, do they?

    4. i am so sorry your beloved granny had this indignity thrust upon her. the disgust i have for the tsa has hit a new low. and i hope she is resting comfortably in her families arms after tthat experience. my regards to your granny.

  24. What a sad state of affairs when the very people you should trust, respect and hold to high honor turn out to be the very people that we can not abide. The agencies, all under the umbrella of law enforcement , are abusing the citizenry to a degree of intolerable, unacceptable conditions. When this country decides it has had enough I hope the corrupt perpetrators get their due.

  25. At the moment, an uprising is Exactly what they want.Then they can invoke
    Marshall Law , because then they would “just be doing their job”.

    Instead we need to organize, just like they do and vet the people and find the people who hold our values, then get them elected.
    Hey, I’m just like you, I want this Sh#t fixed right now!

    But this was not created in a month,a year, but more likely 20 or 30 years in the making. Translation: If you get involved, plan on staying involved for a long, long while.
    Take a moment and just write out on paper the # $16,000,000,000,00 ….
    That’s a Friggin BIG number, and thats what we will ALL owe by 12-31-11.
    And beings my business has been DESTROYED by this ADMINISTRATION,
    I have a LOT of time on my hands to get involved. HOW ABOUT YOU???
    We need to organize and brain storm on the most effective way to our message out to our senators and congressmen and women. The people on the left have a very, very good machine in place for their cause,Unions,socialist groups,ect…
    So rather than just a bunch of individuals calling, emailing.writing letters we could come from a united front for the same issue’s.

    So This is an open invitation for anyone who may agree with my objective.
    God Bless America

      1. The O regime would have us beleive that this diaper pat-down is part of Obamacare in the effort to keep us from getting TOO deep into the load.

    1. I wonder the same thing, especially since the TSA came out to day releasing a statement APPROVING of what the agents did. “We have reviewed the circumstances involving this screening and determined that our officers acted professionally and according to proper procedure” http://bit.ly/l2J1MM

      1. The American People MUST speak up-or they/the government will continue to trample all over us…and while they were busy checking this poor women out they passed on the “terrorist” behind her ( I mean if there might have been one) how incredibly foolish this government is.

    2. Just wait until the TSA are unionized, there will be much worse than this, and no stopping them. All this while the Mexicans walk across our borders unscathed, unhindered, armed and with drugs.

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