TSA makes little boy remove shirt during pat down

via Wire Update: I have a feeling there’s going to be a lot of these. According to the YouTube description:

Lets get the facts straight first. Before the video started the boy went through a metal detector and didn’t set it off but was selected for a pat down. The boy was shy so the TSA couldn’t complete the full pat on the young boy. The father tried several times to just hold the boys arms out for the TSA agent but i guess it didn’t end up being enough for the guy. I was about 30 ft away so i couldn’t hear their conversation if there was any. The enraged father pulled his son shirt off and gave it to the TSA agent to search, thats when this video begins.

This is sure to enrage lots of parents and it should. I mean, gimme a break. I understand the need for security, but geez, this is such overkill. It’s really starting to feel like an incompetent administration, who doesn’t want to have another bombing attempt on their watch, going to extraordinary means to ensure they don’t look bad. I mean, yeah, it’s about the American public’s safety, but it is also starting to feel political as well.

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84 thoughts on “TSA makes little boy remove shirt during pat down

  1. Just opt out of flying Chertoff Group,is making money. Dogs are better for this job of sniffing out …….. we are not the enemy something wrong is it the NWO our dollar is in a state of collapse Wall Street has well own America as well as China Today the unemployed are told to go back to canabalism


    Have we become so anti social I think next I will be watching the Running Man with Schwarzenegger in real time .

    Americans need to wake up welcome in the Post Human Era it is coming in 2024 just Google.

  2. “On arrival at the “Cottage,” they were told to undress. At first they went calmly into the rooms where they were supposed to be disinfected. But some of them showed signs of alarm, and spoke of death by suffocation and of annihilation. A sort of panic set in at once. Immediately all the Jews still outside were pushed into the chambers, and the doors were screwed shut. With subsequent transports the difficult individuals were picked out early on and most carefully supervised. At the first signs of unrest, those responsible were unobtrusively led behind the building and killed with a small-calibre gun that was inaudible to the others. ”

    (From the testimony of Rudolph Hoess, Commandant of Auschwitz)

    1. A guy called Rush today and said, “Where are the men?” How could men let other men do this to their wives and daughters and mothers! He had a point…you have to stand up for what is right sometimes no matter what the cost. Where ARE the men?

  3. The TSA guy is a pervert. Check out the rubber gloves of the woman waiting for the next victim to come through and her attitude. She looks like the gestapo.

  4. Screw TSA and OUR gov’t…..no one will do this to my daughter and if YOU want to do it to me…good cause there will be a big show!!! I had hope for Obama and I did not even vote for him. I hate how STUPID people screw things up for EVERYBODY. Just get a job and stand up for YOURSELF. It’s gonna take a revolution to get OUT of this………..

  5. I read some place that a poll showed 80% of americans are OK with these searches, site need for security. To me this shows how much the US citizens charish their liberty. Make no mistake this has little to do with security. this is an incroachment on our rights, implamented step by step under pretence of safty & security and accepted by a desensitized, compliante citizenry. From this, how far a leap is it to screners at malls, random trafic stops or even home searches. The burden of proof will be switched to the citizen to prove innocence. But of coarse that could never happen here,” hell’ we have the 4th amendment and we all know how much the goverment respects the constitution. America had better wake up to the fact–Corprate banking & crony capitalism is the driving force in our goverment with one end goal!——— Those who sacrifice Liberty for security, deserve neither!–B.F.

    1. As for the poll of 80% support, it doesn’t surprise me. Much of America doesn’t fly, but still has an opinion. The opinion of the American people as a whole has been that of ignorance for a long time. Re-education, after 12+ years of brainwashing, and a lifetime of laziness isn’t easy. What percentage of qualified voters vote? Not that many. They are stupid, and lazy. I admit my faults, when I have to. America needs to do the same, because we have to.

  6. This is so ignorant. Use some common sense! Do they really think that this little boy has a weapon on him? Start profiling middle eastern men and perhaps all middle age men (including myself) and stop harrassing the children!

    1. Try doing a search, on bing or google on “converts more prone to terrorism” and then read the articles and studies that confirm this assertion. I have no issue at all with the use of profiling, as long as it is done intelligently.

  7. I will not fly anywhere in th US any more , I choose to plan ahead and drive . It’s my way of boycoting TSA .
    We need to demand airports hire private security companies . They have the choice between that and TSA .

    1. I didn’t know they had the choice. Seems obvious to me that it is less expensive to let the taxpayers pay for it though. I need to quit saying that, because our tax money doesn’t go to American infrastructure. At this point, the Federal Reserve is paying for it, and we just pay our taxes to them. So our children and grand children are supposed to pay for it somehow. Kind of a joke, isn’t it?

        1. The end of the article says that private screeners will have to follow TSA guidelines including enhanced pat downs and body scanners. Not sure what good this will do.

          1. It will facilitate a much easier and faster route to the courts for this issue. While you do not have a “right” to fly, you do have a right to a reasonable expectation of privacy. It is immensely easier to take a private entity to court than a governmental entity.

  8. There goes our right. I f people do not see how bad this is and now that the government can subject its people kids included to this kind of personal intrution and most say “well if it is keeping us safe shat ever is needed'” With hitler he didn’t start by just rounding people up he start with small things. Becare what you allow America

  9. If he didnt set off the metal detector why would he have been chosen for a pat-down? Seems like abuse of power to me or something much worse and very disturbing. That agent should be fired and the little boys father should have had him arrested. I thought pat-downs were not going to be done on anyone under 12.

    1. UPS is Teamsters Union: even these union-sympathizers could never handle the time-motion work loads heaped on these package carriers in brown uniforms. HEY, WAIT: BROWN shirts might very well be the new uniform choice for TSA gropers; just like H*tler’s Brown shirt lovelies…..

  10. F*cking Bush administration started this DHS and TSA bull sh*t. We need to get rid of these Gestapo type organizations now people!

  11. Himmler would be proud of the TSA agents. They have been given the power by this Administration to molest the flying public and not only that, if you protest or refuse, you can be prosecuted and may have to pay a large fine. Seems every day we are starting to hear horror stories from people who have been victimized by the TSA. Would the man in WH subject his two little girls to the same treatment that he has no problem with making other children their age go through these screening. I think not. God Help us all? The boot of oppression is on our necks.

    1. When you try to solve behavior problems with phychotropic drugs, and feed your kids GMO poison food, then give them fluoride water to drink, and shoot them up with mercury vaccines at an increasing rate, you shouldn’t have a problem with this.

      1. We’ve been over the fact, and it is a FACT that your paranoid delusional fear mongering over vaccines is utter bull**** with no grounding in reality. You buy into nonsensical propaganda spouted by a former porn star. You need to get your information from place other than just alex jones.

        1. I admit that much of the information begins there, but he isn’t the only one. There is a guy called “The Health Ranger” who teaches about this stuff. There are many documentaries out there that explain the science in detail. Jeffry Smith is awesome at explaining GMOs. I went to the pharmacy, and then the state of Oregon to find out if the flue vaccine had thimerisol in it. It does. Thimerisol is 51% mercury, used as a preservative. I don’t need anyone to explain to me what happens when you spray growing crops with round-up year after year. People eat it. Sodium Fluoride is listed as a carcinogen. Aspartame is also. I don’t need allex jones to tell me, the info is out there. He does have a lot of experts in their prospective fields on the show.

          His job is to wake people up to a murderous world gvnmt system. He does that. Nobody should listen to any one person and take their word for it.

          1. Documentaries, oh boy, how about you go read actual peer-reviewed papers.

            You obviously don’t go to actual scientists for your information or any of the HUNDREDS of studies involving THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of subjects regarding the effects of thimerisol.

            Here’s a preview of what they found, that if anything, Thimerisol results in an inverse correlation to autism diagnoses. That means when Thimerisol was removed from vaccines in Japan and some European countries that Autism diagnoses went UP, not down.

            Stop going to “documentaries,” and Alex Jones who have a clearly absurd foundational bias. This entire stupid scare over vaccines started over ONE study with TWELVE subjects, some of which has autism already, done by a man now convicted of bad medical practices for taking blood samples from children in his home for money.

            1. You choose which SCIENTISTS you want to believe Daniel…let others do the same…you think you are correct with your logic, and others think they are with their logic and the scientists they choose to believe.

              1. I’ll take the opinions of hundreds upon hundreds of scientists, publications they took their findings too, the meta-analyses and the numerous nationalities this occurred in VS. the ONE case of TWELVE test subjects under extremely flawed practices + the uninformed ravings of a former porn actress.

                Which to you think has more weight? Not all opinions/beliefs are equal merit just because someone holds that opinion/belief. Mine is an informed opinion.

            2. I have seen government and other scientists disputing these claims. I have read some studies, and found that they were inadequately performed. There are documented case studies done on animals that prove the potential harm. There is an unwillingness to have independent studies done by our gvnmt. They always favor their guys. Such as in the case of body scanners. Napolitano says they are safe and sites three studies. Two done by gvnmt entities and a third by John Hopkins University. She lied about Hopkins and the head of the study says so. I don’t need anyone to tell me that spraying crops with round-up is bad. When you buy it to use, it has a warning not to use it within two to six weeks of planting a garden. It states the side effects including cancer. I understand that they don’t have that warning anymore because of the public’s concern about round-up ready crops. Monsanto regulates itself. I have seen interviews with many farmers who explain the process of growing the crops. Nobody seems to disagree that sodium fluoride is a carcinogen. The containers at the water plants have poison signs on them. Fluoridosis is caused by too much fluoride. Dentists will tell you that. Fluoridosis is when the teeth are harmed and break down because of fluoride. You brush with it, have treatments done, shower in it, drink it, etc. If it is eating away your teeth, then what is it doing to your bones?

              The point is, I don’t need one person or another to tell me what I need to know. It is fairly obvious. If detoxing your body and eating clean foods can cause cancer to shrivel up, then it might be the toxins and lack of nutrients that cause it.

              As a scientific minded individual, you probably subscribe to some form of evolution. If this is true, then why would you think that massive amounts of chemicals and carcinogens would be biologically acceptable without the evolutionary process to weed out the negative effects?

              1. Went from vaccines to crop dusting, to scanners to fluoride, bravo, that’s some grade-A A.D.D.

                I’ve been through the evolution debate with you before on this very website, I’m not looking to get back into it because with the amount I wrote out to you I could have turned in for as my thesis were I pursuing a degree in evolutionary biology.

                1. No, I don’t want to go there again either. I have heard enough in the media through the years to know that our food has been depleted of vitamins and minerals due to over farming the soil. When we genetically alter them to grow in dead soil with less water while being sprayed with chemicals to keep them alive, I just don’t want to eat them. My family farms for a living. Small compared to the big boys. They rotate crops, and build up the soil. They do use some chemicals, but they don’t spray the crops with round-up as they are growing. I don’t want to drink water with carcinogens in it, through forced gvnmt medicating the public. In the NW, we have had mercury warnings on our fishing licenses all my life. “don’t eat more than six ounces per week”. I have more of a knowledge history than documentaries. That is all I was trying to say. But of course, I tend to take it further.

        2. I’ve only known about Alex Jones for about nine months. I’ve know about our lying government for 25 or more. I have only had high speed internet for a year or so.

  12. The Regime who did not want to “punish it’s daughters” with a baby is PERFECTLY FINE WITH A THREE YEAR OLD GIRL SCREAMING “DON’T TOUCH ME!!” (Hannity’s tsa clip) It seems like they want someone to Blow. I guess they taught that at Community (Agitator) Organizer School.

  13. Start patting down ALL MUSLIMS and then we’ll be convinced pat-downs are necessary. So they threaten 12,000$$$ FINES; when everyone but Moslems (thousands of non-Moslem travelers) gets a threatened fine, then let’s see how much the TSA collects. All ambulance chasing lawyers get ready to do some legit business.

  14. kill the airline industry next ! that must be the plan , all you little peasants shouldnt be able to freely move around thats for the elites . whats next ? cars that only go 40 miles ? oh chevy volt !

    1. That may be their goal. Do you think that they don’t want to bail them out and take the whole thing over? That is how fascism works.

      1. Very prophetic… just imagine… Big Sis will be our Flight Attendant and we’ll hear Banking Queen on the Cabin Intercom as the Captain. Hell, may as well have Gibbs ride shotgun up there to handle the Comms.

    1. And I think this is EXACTLY what Obama wanted at least what he was trying to do for minorities all across the country-in his mind-switch the roles of WHO is in charge-he can’t force people to go to school, get educated, but he can offer LOTS of governmental jobs and those jobs are ones that CALL the shots…whether it is a TSA agent, a census worker demanding you answer your census, or a healthcare worker making sure you have healthcare or deciding if you should have treatment or not, or the agent coming down the street to see if you have governmental approval to grow your vegetable garden. And he did it and continues to do it with each passing bill into law. And the American people have only themselves to blame. We strayed from the knowing and understanding the Constitution as much as the elected officials so we couldn’t hold their feet to the fire because ours weren’t as well.

  15. Children under the age of 12 are supposed to be exempted from these scans and the assaults called, “pat downs”. What’s more, I read that Napolitano is now considering allowing Muslims to be exempt from all screening. So the terrorists are protected from the screening we’re told we have to put up with, to justify screening those who won’t end up having to be screened.

    Those who’ve attempted terrorist attacks on planes, have all come from other countries, yet there isn’t this screening in those countries, and the US refuses to force those countries to screen people flying to the US. Obama is deliberately abusing us, subjecting us to degrading treatment.

    1. Ron Paul mentioned in session that he liked the idea of an Opt-Out of flying day. I think that we should just quit flying altogether. The problem is, that may be their goal. If it hasn’t happened by now, it probably won’t. We lack education, and conviction in this country. It will be our downfall.

    2. Here’s what’s going on folks. You are being trained. You are being trained to accept your dhimmi status… the lower class status of the so-called “protected” peoples (the non-Muslim) in a Muslim state. Authentic, orthodox and doctrinaire Islam started this mess. You are being trained in these first baby-steps to accept Islam as the reigning theocratic/political power structure.

      Dhimmitude starts with the injunction to not offend Muslims. Upon this comes the demands and the changing of laws. Each new demand and fake outrage appeased becomes the new platform for newer demands and fake outrages.

      Obama co-sponsored last year, with Egypt, the egregious UN Human Rights Council’s Declaration on Defamation of Religion. If adopted by the Security Council, the declaration makes a requirement on member states the criminalization of any criticism of Islam. Such criminalization is happening in The Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Finland… Canada has shades of it with 13 Human Rights Commissions nationwide (ref. Mark Steyn in MacLeans magazine and Ezra Levant and the Mo-tunes).

      Notice how the only concern is for Muslims’ sensibilities. Americans screaming their heads off will result in minor modifications, yet the policy will continue… then the hue and cry will subside, acceptance and demoralization will be complete until the next round of fake laws designed to desensitize Americans yet again to accept a new round of Islam protecting, freedom destroying laws.

      The liberal fascism of the progressive left in America is the enablers of this compliance to Islam… all under the pretext for security.

      Americans… scream like hell and don’t stop screaming or you will be subsumed into this dhimmi system.

      1. Sorry to say this, las, but I believe you are entirely correct. This just fits into the pattern of what has been happening through out the world. Eventually, if we don’t resist, the world will submit to islam.

      2. I agree that muslims want to do such things. I don’t even disagree that Obama will help. I don’t think that they will be able to accomplish it until we are in a full economic collapse. While we still have elections, I don’t think they will be able to pull it off. If we are in martial law, and elections are suspended as stated in the executive orders, then they will be able to dictate it. At this point it will depend on how well armed the American people still are. This kind of tyranny is not as acceptable to many as the kind we have had so far. At the point that this happens, we will be ripe for an armed rebellion. I am not an advocate for this, because I do not think that it will work, but I believe it is in the cards, so to speak.

    3. Perhaps we should all wear burkas (including men) when boarding planes. Let’s see how long that kind of political correctness would last…

  16. I will NEVER let them to anything of the kind to my daughter-she is 9 and this is WRONG and indeed a waste of time. I thought there was no pat downs if you are under the age of 12?

    1. Janet Napolitano lied about the pat downs being discreet. She lied about them not being invasive. She lied about the scanners being safe. Government lies. Get used to it, America has.

      1. Yeah , just go ahead and get used to it and it will become the norm. If we don’t yell and yell loud we will lose all freedom! Do not let them do any of this ever. No one is free if this continues

    1. We need to fear our government. When they lie about literally everything, then take away our rights as individuals, they are on the same path as Hitler. We need to quit trusting our gvnmt about everything. It will be the fault of the American people, as they have allowed it all. This is the progression of things. When we have curfews across the nation, and checkpoints everywhere, and national IDs and have to show our proverbial papers, and many other things that come with a police state, we will probably do nothing and won’t be able to. We will be disarmed and helpless. Sucks to be us. Just keep on flying America.

        1. What I meant by that was: Those who don’t fear them, don’t understand what they are. Many people directly correlate government with the US and patriotically love it. It is rather the people who make America, and government who oppresses it.

      1. So what do we do about it? does anybody really believe voting is going to change anything, Bush and establishment repbs. would and did do the same. Beck likes to talk about Gandi’s peaceful resistance, but will not say what really got Gandi what he wanted. That was civil disobedence, it will take radical action to get the govs. attention, and solidarity & Peacefully. It would take millions, anmed with the constitution acting in concert. We could shut down the airports with sit-ins, choak D.C. trafic with 1000 abandoned junk cars shuttin the capital down or somethig as simple as refusing to file fed. tax (fact-U.S. suprime Court found personal income tax unconstitutional 13 times-Fed. statute can’t be shown despite $50,000 reward). Things could be done! But I don’t believe we will, courage, sacrifice,the american spirit and love of liberty have been bread and taught out of us, we’ve become a nation of children & metrosexuals. Prove me wrong. I’ll be attacked as crazy and a idiot probably within a few post’

        1. That is one Approach, but there is mor than can and should be done at the local government level, Trust me you have a far far far better chance getting your local government to stand up to the feds than you do the airlines1> Every person that has a story like this needs to file multiple or one huge class action law suit against the TSA and every airport that allows the TSA in them for 4th amendment violations. I dont believe the current court will say strip search and groin checks are reasonable 2> Local Police and Local DA needs to start pressing charges, yes they will likly be tossed, but it will send a STRONG message to the DOJ whom overseas the TSA that the people are not happy3> Local and State Governments need ban the use or operation of x-ray scanners, for heath reasons, in their local communities, and yes this can be done, all heath codes for public places are locally not federally controlled. The feds can not over ride local heath codes4> Pressure all local Airport Authorities to Ban TSA Agents, While it is true the Independents may have to follow the guidelines as defined by the TSA, most Private Companies will inject Common Sense, Customer Service, Respect in the Process so we do not have the Humiliation even if the policy stands, which if 1-3 happen it will not. I would rather have 100’s of private companies that cane be replaced than 1 huge soon to be unionized federal agency. Plus at a minimum the Policies will be FOLLOWED, we have seen the the TSA is incapable of communicating the proper policies to their agents and their agents are incapable of following them. Ask 5 Agents what a policy is and you get 5 different answers. That is unacceptable

          1. Alex Jones had the new DA in the San Fransisco area on his show. He said that he has spoken to the sheriff and they will arrest and prosecute any illegal contact in these searches. He also said that they will be in the airport, and if they see it, they will not wait for a complaint. That is big stuff. My guess is that SF airport TSA might be a little less aggressive due to these statements.

        2. There is a guy called “sheriff Mack”. He is an ex-sheriff that won a court case against Bill Clinton. He goes around the country speaking and is an oath keeper. He says that the sheriff is our last hope. I tend to agree. The local sheriff has more power than the feds. The power structure in America has been turned on its head. It is supposed to be the county, the state, and the feds last. If we have sheriffs willing to arrest tyrannical feds, and local prosecutors that would do their job under their “oath”, then we could literally turn the power back to the people. The problem is that the feds have infiltrated the local law enforcement. They now train them, and give them orders. The local law enforcement just cowers. How many times have you seen a tv show where the feds come in and boss around the stupid local cops. That is also training the public to accept it.

          I spoke to my sheriff, and he says that he will not allow anyone to take guns in our county. It is easy to say it.

    1. I hope not, mixed in with some festering pimples on my back, I’ve got some unsightly moles that I’d rather not display pubicly. Maybe I’ll just stop shaving my back now so that when I travel in the New Year it will all be covered with a thick coat of hair. Glad now that I didn’t go for the laser hair removal.

      1. What’s with the Che avatar, just a bit curious why you are using this murderer to represent you. Surely you are jesting…?

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