Tucker Carlson: ‘Irony of Irony’ that Riots and Violence are hurting WORKERS and IMMIGRANTS who came here for American Dream

Tucker Carlson on Tuesday talked about the sad truth of the riots that Democrats are trying to cover up, in complicit collusion with the media: It’s not hurting the privileged, it’s hurting the workers, the average joes, and “irony of irony”, immigrants who came here seeking a better life.

In other words the exact groups that Democrats pretend to care about the other times they’re in front of a camera.

Like Ted Cruz earlier, these are devastating truths being revealed to a national audience, whether the media wants it heard or not.

“Much of it, by the way, irony of irony, affects immigrants who showed up here with no money, no privilege, and tried to get their piece of the American Dream, only to see it is short-circuited by the violence. These are some of the pictures in Tracy’s piece showing the destruction. Take a look. They are important. Please don’t hurt us, reads a sign a convenience store owned by a mexican-American who said he was looted. That is in Minneapolis, the epicenter of the destruction. The damage has been permanent, by the way. Big retailers have begun rebuilding. Smaller businesses are still fighting to obtain insurance money.”

It’s a sad and dark time in this country.

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