Tucker Carlson: Jared Kushner keeps talking Trump out of cracking down on rioters… [VIDEO]

Last night Tucker Carlson hit Jared Kushner pretty hard, reporting that he’s giving Trump bad advice on many things including cracking down on the rioters around the country:

Carlson hits Kushner on several things but I wanted to highlight this specifically:

Several times over the past few days the president has signaled that he would very much like to crack down on rioters. That is his instinct; if you’ve watched him you believe it. But every time he’s been talked out of it by Jared Kushner and aides that Kushner has hired and controls.

Kushner’s assumption apparently is that African American voters like looting. That is wrong! Normal Americans of all colors hate looting. Obviously. Why wouldn’t they hate looting? They’re decent people.

Carlson notes that at times Trump seems to realize he’s being given bad advice by Kushner, even referring to him as a liberal. But that hasn’t stopped Trump from listening to him apparently.

So if you’re wondering why the president has acted more forcefully to stop these rioters, now you know why.

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