Tucker Carlson tosses gasoline on the mainstream media and lights it on fire over lockdown bias

No, not literally, and NO we do not advocate the tossing of gasoline on anything or anyone and lighting it on fire. Just wanna make that understood up front. Anyway here’s Tucker:

I think Carlson overdoes his outrage sometimes, and he often withholds key facts that undermine his argument, but in this case, he’s pretty dead on. The way the media has tried to coronate Andrew Cuomo in New York while castigating Florida and other states is just disgusting.

Especially when you consider that it seems pretty clear that many of the outbreaks of the virus throughout the country were “seeded” there by those coming from New York and more specifically New York City. But, because most of our news media is centered in New York City, they write themselves sympathetically while crapping on the rest of us.

Carlson is right to call them out on this, and they deserve much more castigation for the ubiquitous journalistic malpractice displayed on the air in the media.

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