Tucker Carlson warns of how Biden is about to cede control to the WHO over every aspect of your life…

Last night Tucker Carlson gave an eye-opening report on how the Biden administration is about to cede American sovereignty to the World Health Organization, which means they will have control over every aspect of our lives.


Democrats have been trying to do cede American sovereignty to international bodies for years. And now after just having come through a pandemic, it looks like they’ve found another good excuse to try again.

If the Biden administration is successful in giving the WHO these extraordinary powers, then you know what this means. Every country will look like Australia during the next pandemic, where cell phone apps will be created and required to monitor your location and you won’t be able to leave your home. And the WHO will be in control of it all.

We saw how quickly everyone fell in line in 2020 with the lockdowns when the pandemic began and the same thing would happen again with a new pandemic, except this time on the world stage, with everything being ordered by the World Health Organization who would claim they know best.

Watch Tucker’s video for more…

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