Tucker: Democrats CODDLE the mob, our Elites FUND it, so let’s SEIZE their passports and make them LIVE WITH IT

“Find a prosecutor who refuses to keep violent criminals in jail and the chances are George Soros put them there. But why? Why are they doing this?” That’s the question isn’t it? And it’s what Tucker Carlson talked about tonight on his show. The short answer: It’s the elites’ revenge. On us.

“So who is doing this to our cities? Strictly speaking you know the answer, it’s BLM and Antifa, crazed ideologues, grifters, criminals, anti-social thugs with no stake in society and nothing better to do than hurt people and destroy things, those are the ones you see on TV,” said Carlson. “Every country has people like that, it’s part of the human condition. America always has had people like that. What’s changed is that the destroyers now have the full support of our professional class. That’s what’s different.”

He explained how and why, too. It’s punishment. For electing Trump. The revenge of the angry elites on the working class who didn’t comply.

“The Democratic Party coddles the mob you see on TV, our elites fund the Democratic party, that’s how it works,” he said. That is dang right. And he backs it up.

“Consider the disclosure numbers from the last election cycle. Of political donations by Netflix employees, virtually all of them, more 99% of them went to Democrats and left-wing candidates. At social media company, Twitter, more than 98% of donations went to the left. That is a higher rate of partisanship than you would find among Harvard University professors. Which tells you everything, and by the way, that’s also true at Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, pick one.”

“So America’s cities didn’t collapse by accident. Sociopathic children may have burned Wendy’s and looted the Gucci store, but rich adults made it possible, they paid for at all.”

“Find a prosecutor who refuses to keep violent criminals in jail and the chances are George Soros put them there. But why? Why are they doing this? It’s becoming clearer: the middle class voted for Donald Trump. Our leaders have decided to punish the middle-class for doing that,” said Carlson. “Never in our history have our elites been this reckless and this angry. The entire subscriber base of The New York Times has been seized by a frenzy of destructive rage. They’re throwing plates around the kitchen, beating the dogs, smashing the windows.”

“At some point they’re going to wake up from this bender, and realize they’ve destroyed their own home. And their first instinct, as it always is, will be to be to leave, to split for Saint Bart’s,” he said. “But we should not let them. We should seize their passports now. They did this, they should have to live with the consequences. In Midtown.”

Let’s do it.

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