Tucker: It’s time to invoke the 25th amendment on Biden

Tucker Carlson last night suggested it is time to invoke the 25th amendment on Joe Biden because he has become a national security threat with all of his regime change rhetoric that the White House is having to clean up.


As I said yesterday Biden’s mouth runs at a different speed than his brain and the White House is forced to clean up the mess. And then staffers give him note cards to help bring his mouth and brain back into sync so that he will more carefully articulate the correct US policy.

While it may be time to invoke the 25th amendment, I just don’t see it happening anytime soon from the people ‘in charge’ because everyone knows we’ve got Dumb and Dumber running the country. We all know that Kamala would be as bad as Biden and what’s worse is that everyone would end up quitting the White House because they can’t stand to work for her.

In short, 2024 can’t get here fast enough…

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