Tulsi Gabbard breaks with Dems, sides with REALITY on danger of vote fraud, ballot harvesting with NEW BILL her party will HATE

It’s possible to be a Democrat and still be patriotic and care about the integrity of our democratic process. These days, though, that usually involves breaking with the rest of the Democrats, who are too busy encouraging street violence and mayhem for some, lockdowns and joblessness for others, to spend any time on silly things like the voting process that defines our nation.

Democrat Tulsi Gabbard isn’t always right, but she’s right to side with Americans worried about the electoral process. If there is no integrity in our voting, then our election has no value. The will of the people is not represented by fraudulent or erroneous voting any more than it is by roving mobs of thugs and criminals.

Rep. Gabbard has sponsored H.R.8285, a House bill called the Election Fraud Prevention Act aimed at ending ballot harvesting. That’s when people, third parties, go around a municipality and collect ballots en masse and delivering them to the ballot counters. That is a RECIPE for fraud and intimidation.

Tulsi explains why, on Twitter.

So good. This is what representative government is supposed to be about: elected representatives actually representing the interests of their constituents. This is how society is supposed to operate. Not through endless street war. Not through gangs and warlords, which is where we’re headed.

Good for Tulsi Gabbard, once again demonstrating to the rest of her party what it means to be a Democrat and a Representative and an American.

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