TWEET STORM: Lindsey Graham weighs in on the lawlessness at the border, says Americans will NOT be played for fools!

Lindsey Graham just took to Twitter a few minutes ago to weigh in on the lawlessness at the border, calling on Democrats to oppose it if they believe in fair treatment of illegals. He explains below:

I really like this new and improved Lindsey Graham. In the past I would have expected him to take a middle of the road approach on the lawlessness at the border. But he’s clear in this tweet storm that we absolutely should not tolerate it and that our immigration system should not be controlled or exploited by illegals.

I really like the line about Americans not being played for fools, but I think tweet #9 is key. I’m not soft on immigration at all, but I would be more empathetic to the illegals that have been allowed in by past administrations over recent decades IF we secured the border and our visa entry systems so that we had total control of who is here and who isn’t. But until that happens – whether we build a wall or not – I won’t be for any policy or law that gives any kind of residency to illegals just to keep doing it over and over again.

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