TweetStorm: Steve Deace says Roy Moore will SUE over sex abuse accusations

The Deacinator took to Twitter after the news broke that his friend, Judge Moore, was being accused of sexually harassing a minor years ago. He had some very interesting things to say about it, especially since he spoke to Moore’s wife about it today. I didn’t post all the tweets, instead copied the texts for ease of reading.

“First, a word about timing from my perspective. I was away from my phone, and taping content for @CRTV when the story broke. It wasn’t until I checked my phone around 2:15 eastern I was even aware of the story.

A friend texted me the story, and I read every word of it. I then decided to stay off social media and spend some time gathering my thoughts until I even knew what my own thoughts were.

I also spent some time talking with a few people whose wisdom I respect. I have not communicated with the Judge, but I have his wife Kayla. Which I will get to later in this thread.

However, I wanted to lead off with the timeline of why I didn’t immediately react. Beginning with the fact I didn’t immediately see the story when it came out.”

“Then I realized the reason I was struggling to do so is I really can’t. If you have a personal stake in this either way, for or against the judge, it’s probably impossible not to have that inform your immediate reaction.

Somethings are givens: for example, adults shouldn’t have sexual contact or make sexual advances on minors/children. Period. This morality transcends politics. Or at least it should (but often sadly does not).

While the timing of this story could be political, it could also be due to the fact women who have been abused/assaulted/etc. are rightfully and currently coming forward and saying enough is enough.”

“If the accusations are true, I want the women in the story, who are somebody’s daughters just like my own, to get the justice and healing they deserve.

However, it also must be noted there is nothing — as far as we know now — in Judge Moore’s past that indicates this pattern of behavior is fitting of his character.

The Judge, whether you agree with him or not, has been under one of the most intense microscopes of any political figure in America the past 10-12 years.”

“Now, that may change, but for now the reason this story is so shocking is because it’s so out of character from what we know about the Judge. Even those who disagree with him never saw this coming.

I find it ironic those who claim the Judge doesn’t want to follow the law, now suddenly want to instantly convict him in the court of public opinion. Does he not get to mount a defense?

The Judge has issued a statement that leaves no room for a middle ground. So either he is lying, or his accusers/the Washington Post are. It’s pretty cut and dried on that front.”

“I would urge them to follow through on that front, for the Judge is not known for backing down easily. So if these allegations are false, then by all means they should pursue action against them with the Judge’s trademark tenacity.

If the Judge does not do so, then his detractors will justifiably point out that is also out of character for him and justifiably ask why back down now, with your credibility at stake?

And unless either the Judge or his accusers change their stories now, that is likely the only way we’ll ever really know what the truth is outside of our preconceived notions.”

“That immorality didn’t include assault or abuse, but several things I thought were cool back then I’m not proud of now. My wife has a similar past, and it’s why she’s driven to do counseling now.

It’s also why I’m so honest about my past, even at times uncomfortably so, because I’m not the same person I was then. That’s why I’m ashamed of who I was now. I’ve been given a new life, so I see the errors of my old one.

I share it so openly whenever I can for two reasons:

1) I want to “brag on Jesus” if you will, for what he can do with a schmuck like me, which tells me he can do it for you, too, if you let him.

2) I also share it because I am not perfect, by a long shot. There are plenty of things to accuse me of. Heck, even since my conversion my kids have seen me act in ways I had to apologize for later. That’s the sanctification process.”

“St. Paul warns that “liars, thieves, adulterers, homosexuals, and murderers do not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.” But then, before we’re crushed into thinking we’re cursed for all eternity he adds this….

“But such as once were you.”

Meaning that’s who we used to be, but we’re not that anymore. We have been freed, and given a new lease on life.”

“And if you haven’t had the redemption in your life, Christ wants to do for you what he’s done for me (and is still doing because I’m a hard case) and millions of others the past two thousand years.

Today, right now, you can be absolved of your accusers, and given the power to go and sin no more.

And if you’re hurting because of the great sins others have done to you, I understand that, too. I lived with abuse, violent and otherwise, in my home for years.

I grew up around domestic violence. I was abused myself. I left home with a grudge, and that grudge/hate caused me to do many of the things I wasn’t proud of I needed forgiveness for later.

Well, the same Jesus that can change a sinner to a saint can also heal your broken heart. I’ve lived that, too. Don’t let those who abused you get over on your twice by holding on to the hate.

Forgiveness isn’t letting them off easy, it’s letting yourself off from that bitterness that swallows us whole — and can become even more self-destructive than the abuse was destructive.

See, we really don’t know the truth of what happened here. None of us has the means of knowing for sure based on what we know now.”

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