Twitter ATTACKS Rubio for what he said about Carter Page – WATCH!!

El Marco Rubio took his thirsty show to CNN’s State of the Union and then showed what an insane NeverTrumper he is by defending Trump on Russia, and then saying that the FBI did NOTHING wrong in surveilling Carter Page!!!


In a clear sign that he just wants to antagonize the online mob, thirsty Rubio went on twitter and TAUNTED #MAGA with his obscene treachery!!!

Go back to Miami with your Benedict Arnold act, buddy!!!

Rubio IS using Trump’s own words against him here, in order to head off the narrative that the FBI was trying to surveil the Trump campaign.

Some have also argued, and I think maybe Rubio could be referring to this, that it was not surveillance on the Trump campaign because Carter Page had left the campaign when it happened. He was only on for a very short period of time.

I have to offer the Trump counter-argument here, because I’ve made this argument before. Although it is true that surveillance was ordered on Page AFTER he left the Trump campaign, the surveillance order *could* have been used to look into surveillance gathered incidentally on Page when he was on the campaign. Now, there’s no sign that this happened, but it *could* have happened.

Anyway here are some fun anti-liddle Marco tweets:

He was attacked by the left too, proving that both extremes are stupid and nutty.

*Yes, this was intentional, and you anti-steak people won’t steak-shame me into changing it.

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