Twitter bans popular right wingers, mega-user Instapundit QUITS in protest

Instapundit, Glenn Reynolds, is a big conversation- and traffic-driver on the right. His blog, and his social media, help sort and set the agenda of the day. But he’s gone from Twitter now. Not banned, though. He quit.

But he quit because of the bans.

You get only “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!” if you try to visit his account. On his site, a simple message.

And what happened to precipitate this? I assume it’s the banning of popular MAGA Twitter figure Jesse Kelly.

Jesse Kelly, a former Marine who writes at The Federalist, is a funny guy. He’s well-liked, he gets a lot of retweets, all the usual good signs. He’s on Twitchy a lot. But he’s “permanently banned” from Twitter, and people aren’t happy.

So that would be the reason for Glenn Reynolds’ departure I’d think. Other popular right wing users have been banned recently, including @GayPatriot, who is one of the more well-known. That account was restored, but .. for how long?

You don’t see and won’t see FredT on the site, either. Not specifically over Jesse Kelly, but on the same basic grounds. It’s a great place to get news and hot tips. But for interacting usefully it’s not that great. And this kind of thing is kind of why.

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