Twitter CORRECTLY suspended Trump supporter Candace Owens for saying same things Sarah Jeong said

Sarah Jeong has been a pretty buzzworthy topic this week, even making it onto the Sunday morning talk shows, after a bunch of tweets hating white people and cops were uncovered and her new employer, the New York Times, was very not upset by them.

On Twitter this weekend, Turning Points USA’s Candace Owens tried something. She tweeted the same things that Jeong tweeted, to find out if she would be punished even though Jeong was not.

And guess what? Owens was suspended. She and her supporters raised hell, and the account was shortly restored. Twitter told her, and the Daily Caller, that it was an “error” on their part.

If y’all are laughing hysterically at that explanation, join the club.

Here’s what Candace tweeted.

And here are the Jeong originals she was copying. (btw these are still live on Twitter.)

The Daily Caller writes:

Owens, the communications director for conservative activist group Turning Points USA, on Saturday sent out a pair of tweets quoting Jeong’s anti-white statements — which did not earn her a Twitter suspension — but swapped out the word “white” with “Jewish” and “black.”

Twitter on Sunday suspended Owens’ account for 12 hours, citing her tweet about Jewish people as a violation of Twitter rules.
Twitter restored Owen’s access following a sharp backlash. The social media company chalked up Owens’ suspension as an “error.”

“Twitter takes reports of violations of the Twitter Rules very seriously,” Twitter’s support team wrote in an email to Owens, who shared it with TheDCNF. “After reviewing your account, it looks like we made an error.”

“This was our mistake and we’ve apologized to the account owner for the error,” a spokeswoman for Twitter told TheDCNF. The spokesperson did not say whether a human content monitor or an algorithm was responsible for suspending Owens’ account.

Owens spoke to Breitbart, too, and said she thinks Twitter was correct to suspend her. And that it proves her point.

“I actually AGREE with Twitter” said Owens, in a comment to Breitbart News. “These tweets are an example of hateful conduct. It begs the question — why was it okay when the hate was directed at White people? Why are her tweets still up?”

“In every way imaginable — Twitter has just proved my point. Racism in this country has been sanctioned against white people.”

After word of the suspension began to go viral on social media, Twitter reversed itself and reinstated Owens’ account.

Now that’s a darn good point. Their suspension was correct, she says. Just not equally applied. That gets right down to the brass tacks of a lot of issues the right has with the media and social media right now, don’t you think?

You know, the New York Times doesn’t have to hire or fire anyone just because some mob says so. But people are free to object to things they don’t like. It’d be pretty radical to see some liberals genuinely denounce Jeong’s comments.

Although, to be fair, they’re probably super busy spending their all their time saying the same exact things she did.

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