Twitter exec gets cornered by James O’Keefe on disparaging remarks about Elon Musk, denies everything and freaks out

Last night we told you about a Twitter exec named Alex Martinez who disparaged Elon Musk and explained that Twitter isn’t profitable because it chooses, instead, to be ideological.

This is the same guy claimed people can’t make a rationale decision unless Twitter makes sure they have the ‘correct’ information.

This is also the same guy who was warned about Project Veritas getting Twitter execs on secret video, right in front of the undercover reporter, and actually said to the PV reporter “you’re lucky that you met me organically cause I would be questioning everything about you.”

James O’Keefe caught up with Martinez at his local dive and cornered him about his disparaging remarks regarding Elon Musk. It was actually pretty hilarious, because Martinez did everything he could to get away from O’Keefe. After denying everything, he freaked out and ran. He tried to open a locked door and then took off again. Finally, to secure his getaway from O’Keefe, Martinez got a cab.

You can watch the whole escapade below:

Here’s the longer version:

Go ahead and consider this an open thread. We haven’t done that in a while. Enjoy!

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