Twitter is dunking on Chris Cuomo so hard, his slapdown is trending nationally

Oh boy, Chris “Fredo” Cuomo really stepped in it again. He stepped in it so hard he should just take up permanent residence. Here’s what happened:

Yeah, you can only imagine the lightning speed with which those on right-wing twitter leaped to mock and ridicule Cuomo.

Yup. IN fact, the slapdown was so epic and extended so far across Twitter that “Nick Sandmann” was trending for a while nationally! LOL!

And the distinction here is really important – whatever you think of Greta Thunberg, it’s insane to say that she can’t be questioned when she’s made herself a public figure about a political topic. Nick Sandmann didn’t seek to be a leader of a movement the way she did, he was dragged into it by a media all-too-eager to obliterate a teen for having non-progressive views.

Ah liddle Fredo. These are the kind of blindspots that get you in trouble when you live in a little bubble and only partake of the propaganda from your political side. He never saw it comin’ poor fella.

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