Twitter LOCKED Mitch McConnell’s campaign account

Twitter actually locked Mitch McConnell’s campaign account, known as “Team Mitch”, because they posted a video exposing leftists making threats against McConnell outside of his Kentucky home.

They wanted Team Mitch to delete the video:

DAILY CALLER – Twitter forced three accounts, including that of Mitch McConnell’s campaign, to remove video of an activist calling for violence outside of the Senate majority leader’s Louisville, Kentucky, home Monday, saying the footage violates the company’s “violent threats policy.”

The social media company also temporarily locked the accounts for posting the video, which showed the activist saying that someone should “just stab” a voodoo doll of McConnell “in the heart.”

Kevin Golden, McConnell’s campaign manager, told the Daily Caller News Foundation that the campaign’s account was temporarily locked for posting a short video of the protesters. The McConnell campaign account, which uses the handle @Team_Mitch, drew attention to the video Monday night and said it was being referred to police for investigation.

“This morning, Twitter locked our account for posting the video of real-world, violent threats made against Mitch McConnell,” Golden told the DCNF.

He noted that Twitter allowed the hash tag #MassacreMitch to trend over the weekend, “but locks our account for posting actual threats against us.”

“We appealed and Twitter stood by their decision, saying our account will remain locked until we delete the video,” he said.

This is absurd. They also locked Ben Goldey’s account, a congressional staffer for McConnell who was first to post the video, according to TheDC. And they locked Ryan Saavedra’s account as well for posting it.

It’d be one thing if McConnell’s team posted a video calling for violence against someone else. But they were exposing protesters calling for violence against Mitch himself. I just don’t get it.

Oh wait, yes I do. Twitter keeps saying they aren’t targeting conservatives, but their actions continually say otherwise.

I’d post Saavedra’s Twitter thread about this, but it’s just too long. But you can read it here if you like.

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24 thoughts on “Twitter LOCKED Mitch McConnell’s campaign account

  1. My twitter account was permanently shut down. I’ve tried to appeal several times, but at nothing. They just say I broke some rule posing a threat.
    Bottom line I was averaging around 50-100 followers a day. And was Conservative.
    And the “Big Threat” they were touted was a cartoon. Showing a Jihadist standing over the bodies with the letter on each ones Back spelling,
    C-O-E-X-I-S-T. What irony!…18254.21343..21946…0.0..0.163.1182.0j8……0….1………33i299j33i10.FT9AO2w7hvg&ei=lDlMXdmuAaeatgWEvoaIDA&client=safari#imgrc=AUwiSqHk4tRhNM

  2. Leftist platforms like Twitter aren’t afraid of violence they’re afraid of anyone who can destroy their narrative. The leftist narrative is so weak that it cannot stand up to reason nor to the light of day. Always has been, always will. If there was any strength or truth to the narrative it would be able to stand on its own but it can’t. By it’s very nature leftist ideology is violent and cruel. It is the ideology of the lazy ignorant, weak-minded and greedy petty thug. So it has to be protected from scrutiny or else it would be decimated by any logical, thinking and reasoning human being.

  3. I agree but possibly Twitter felt that the calls for violence were still being put up for people to take from. The question is if they would have took it down if it was on a left wing handle like CNN or AOC.

  4. And yet conservatives continue to rely on twitter.

    Where’s that meme of the gun with the barrel pointed at person holding it?

  5. Nothing new to see here. Leftists are especially ban happy these days. Aside from twitter, anecdotally my guest WiFi account was disabled at Emory hospital in ATL. 99% sure it was for my posts on this site and the Emory IT tech monitoring activity found my speech “obscene or indecent” per their TOS.

  6. Mitch is Majority Leader. Surely he has the authority to bring up this issue on the floor and go after Twitter for abusing it’s privilege. It’s time to put an end to these bigots online.

  7. So the party that is showing the “evidence” of what the Left’s foot soldiers are doing with the wink wink approval of those like Castro, O’Rourke, Scarborough is the one having their 1st amendment rights taken away.

    This defies explanation except that this is providing the proof that these social platforms are not complying with that rule that exempted them from liability. Cruz, Paul, Jordan, Meadows, Nunes need to bring up legislation that will take these protections away from such organizations. Enough is really enough.

    And where are the voices on the Right demanding that Castro resign from his office? I hear crickets so far.

  8. Shut them down now! All of them, Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube, bust them to pieces and jail their founders. They’ve proven their anti American bias and need to charged with sedition. Take our country back from these treasonous bastards NOW!!

  9. In my opinion, one of the greatest articles posted recently-

    “In the 21st century’s second decade, explicit statements by the party’s
    principal figures—President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Senate Majority
    Leader Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, to name only a
    few—have led their epigones in power as well as millions of followers to
    think and act as if conservatives were simply on a lower level of
    humanity, and should have their faces rubbed in their own inferiority.
    New York Governor Andrew Cuomo simply declared that pro-lifers and other
    conservatives have no place in his state.”

    There is so much more in that article.

    Yes, the modern day civil war has already begun.

  10. What do you think…..
    You want some bureaucrat deciding what is right for you…@team mitch….
    This is how we feel gop-e is.
    I want freedom, why I am conservative.

  11. Maybe this will wake Mitch up from the “Progressive” ideologies. You never know though maybe his wife Elaine will come to the rescue..They hate losing “funds”. Then again, he probably will raise more…

  12. Okay, so where’s the Secret Service and the FBI on this? Sorry, I will stop here because the language I want to use would get me banned! Not threats, just frustrated curse words! Why do we sit back and let this sh*t happen? I don’t do Twitter, so I can’t have even a minimal impact in any way, BUT SOMEBODY SHOULD SCREAM AND BE HEARD!!

  13. Lol. McConnell triggered Twitter. He should use this to merchandise. ‘Team Mitch Triggered Twitter’… t-shirts, hats, bumper stickers.

  14. So Trump wants to use Social media companies to assist in red flagging hatred for gun laws…………gee that should work out well-NOT!

  15. Keep an eye on social media companies… they will try to meddle in the 2020 Presidential election; they will do more damage to our country than Putin could ever have dreamed of.

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