Twitter RE-BANS incredibly popular @LibsofTikTok over nothing after lib MASS REPORTING scheme

One thing the media and prominent liberal progressives say a lot is that sunlight is the best disinfectant. The right says that, too. But the difference is the right believes it. And the extremely popular account LibsofTikTok proves the axiom every day, by posting (often without comment) the actual things that woke TikTok users say and do.

And there is nothing the left hates more that regular people hearing them say their actual thoughts. So for that reason – only that reason – the account has just been banned again.

The Not the Bee Twitter account, which is currently not banned, posted the messages from Twitter to LibsofTikTok including the “offending” tweet. Here’s their message.

“Shortly after my Twitter account was restored, I received notice of another suspension, this time for ‘targeted harassment.’ I’ve submitted an appeal, but I’m locked out while I wait for a response.

These back-to-back suspensions are not a coincidence. The Left has been targeting and mass reporting my account. Twitter, of course, keeps caving to the mob. But I’ve done nothing wrong. And I’m not going to give up. I will never be bullied into silence.

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Look, liberals on Twitter can be vicious and cruel, they can say horrible things sometimes, wish people were dead, misrepresent arguments … and that’s not unique to them. It happens on social media a lot, but the difference is that the left has an ally: the press.

So if, for example, there was a mass reporting scheme to flag and get banned a prominent and popular but controversial leftwing account, you can bet that it would be on MSNBC within minutes. And from there, CNN, the Washington Post, and on and on.

When LibsofTikTok gets censored it makes Fox News, maybe OAN or Newsmax but no guarantees, and if they are very lucky it will be somewhere like Washington Examiner or Free Beacon.

This is what people don’t understand. It’s true that people from any walk of life can be a jerk. It’s true that they can spread disinformation, harass, etc. But when it comes to the major tech companies and banning people from pubic squares, they err on the side of caution for liberals and on the side of enforcement for conservatives. And their definition of right wing extends to things like being libertarian or even just not believing certain hallowed concepts. JK Rowling is treated like right wing and targeted for harassment that goes unpunished, and is herself at constant risk of being censored by Big Tech, and she’s a woke liberal feminist progressive LGBTQ supporting Labor party socialist!!

This is why Elon Musk is right and what the media refuses to accept as true: The so-called right is targeted, and every day the definition of the right expands to include more things.

There’s one thing, above all, that gets people like LibsofTikTok banned, and that is an increasingly important issue, especially for parents, and that’s woke GENDER politics. Take a look at what this targeted mass reporting was over.

Here’s the images enlarged, and then the Tweet.

It’s out of control. Nobody thinks Elon Musk is Jesus. But he isn’t the Jack Dorsey left, either. That’s good enough for me, for now at least, y’all.

What do you think?

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