Two NYPD officers injured in scuffles with Occupy Wall Street rioters

Things are getting even more completely out of hand in Lower Manhattan than they already were. Today two NYPD officers were injured – one slashed, the other sustaining an eye injury – in scuffles with these increasingly unhinged Occupy Wall Street loons. I wonder what Barack Obama thinks about this. If I were him, I wouldn’t just sit around waiting around for the press to ask for comment – I’d be tripping over myself to get on the record condemning this lawless, despicable behavior and doing whatever I could to try and stop it.

But Obama’s not exactly doing that, is he?

DEVELOPING: A New York City police officer was slashed during Thursday’s “Occupy Wall Street” action– and a second cop was taken to a local hospital with an eye injury– after clashes between protesters and activists across lower Manhattan, sources told

Both officers are said to be in stable condition, although the incident marked an escalation of tension in the uneasy give-and-take between NYPD officers charged with maintaining order, and protesters determined to be heard.

The officer sustained the injury after a long day of marches and demonstrations by protesters across Manhattan’s Financial District. Here’s what happened, according to law enforcement sources.

Prompted by unknown reasons, a single officer, on-duty at the time, waded into a mass of protesters in Zuccotti Park. Once there, the officer called for back-up. Two additional officers responded to the call for help and joined the original one.

Something was thrown at eye of the original officer, perhaps an irritant, said law enforcement sources at the scene. Then, moments later, something “sharp” was thrown at one of other officers providing back-up, causing a deep gash on this thumb, the source said.

The officer hit in the eye was taken to Bellevue Hospital, where his injured eye was “flushed out,” said a law enforcement source. The second cop was taken to an as-yet unidentified local hospital, where he was due to receive numerous stitches to close the gash on his hand, law enforcement sources told

Here is some related footage of today’s NYC protests, showing the Occupiers blocking people from going to work today on Wall Street (via Fox Nation):

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9 thoughts on “Two NYPD officers injured in scuffles with Occupy Wall Street rioters

  1. Will the mayors and governors of the cities and states being infiltrated by these bolshevik anarchist rioters act responsibly before its too late? Its way past the time to arrest all of the rioters and throw them in jail.

  2. I haven’t heard one word out of the Governors mouth in that state. Where in the hell is he? Bloomberg should be run out of there for the trouble he’s caused. He’s responsible for the breakdown of law there. He and the Governor. He’s allowing these thugs to infringe on the rights of peaceful people.

  3. Injured cops? That’s the line that should not be crossed. Why was there no “appropriate” response to this?

  4. If you’re a parent and your children are doing things that are not acceptable and your corrections are weak, the children will take your word as meaningless and continue to do as they please. When you finally have had enough and you try to stop the behavior, you will be met with greater resistance than if you had corrected them aggressively and swiftly from the start.

  5. Mr. Cleary, I heard over the police radio that the slasher had been seen on Closed Circuit TV or security cameras and has since been taken into custody. There is a lot going on so it is impossible to be sure it is the same incident.

  6. Todays a holiday????!!?!?!?!?! I’m sorry, but, if your trying to stop me from earning a living for my family…. those cops better bust it up. These yahoos will fold like a piece of paper when a real men are willing stand up to their antics.

  7. “uneasy give-and-take between NYPD officers charged with maintaining order, and protesters determined to be heard” The idiots have been heard long enough and what we have heard is pathetic. Round em all up.

    1. OH BOY….a round up!!!

      Wait till I get my boots on!

      But seriuosly. OWS is cruizin’ fer it. it’s P r e c i s e l y what the big fetid O wants. It’s all about how cells multiply.

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