UC-Davis Occupy protester admits they provoked police in pepper-spray incident

Elli Pearson, one of the Occupy protesters who was pepper-sprayed by police at UC-Davis, admitted to “Democracy Now!” that the protesters locked arms and sat down to surround the police, who were actually trying to leave the campus. The protesters then told the police that if they wanted to leave, they’d have to clear a path through the protesters:

Well we were protesting together and the riot cops came at us and we linked arms and sat down peacefully to protest their presence on our campus. And then at one point they were – we had encircled them and they were trying to leave and they were trying to clear a path. And so we sat down, linked arms and said that if they wanted to clear the path they would have to go through us. But we were on the ground, you know, heads down and all I could see was people telling me to cover my head, protect myself and put my head down. And the next thing I know we were pepper-sprayed.

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137 thoughts on “UC-Davis Occupy protester admits they provoked police in pepper-spray incident

  1. Wow, so much dogmatism. I tuly don’t understand how “they were warned” is sufficient cause for such disgusting and de-humanizing behavior on behalf of the police officer. Yes, the point of a protest is to be in the way, otherwise no one would even notice! The police and protestors both could have beed more diplomatic in their actions, however I don’t see the protestors acting in such a way that is hateful and de-humanizing. Also, I would reccomend that a lot of you take rhetoric classes, a lot of the points made on this comment thread employ very simple logical fallacies that are almost comical.

  2. As a campus law enforcment officer with 20 years plus on the job, I know, as do all educated people, that ignoring a lawful order to disperse will result in the protesters forcing the police to remove them. Period. Protest all you want, jut do it lawfully. Don’t do it unlawfully and then blame someone else because you got pepper sprayed. Take responsibility for your actions. If you surround the police, regardless of whether you are sitting or standing, and you ignore repeated warnings that you will be pepper sprayed and removed….and you do not move, you will be sprayed. This is a called a consequence to your behavior whether we agree with your cause or not.

  3. They were setting down in front of the Police and they were what you saw then, look again at the film and see behind and around them the four and five deep crowd. It was a provoked response, those people had been told what was going to happen. They knew it and got what they wanted, film of the big bad Cops mistreating the poor little students.

  4. So let me get this straight. Just because a cop tell you to do something, you MUST do it, or else you’re a criminal? Okay. So you would be a criminal if a cop told you to drop your pants, bend over, and spread your cheeks for him and you refused to do it? You people are fucking stupid. Seriously.

    1. Zach, you must have gone to college, because not only is our vocabulary sublime, but you can only get as dumb as you are by going to college.

      Let me educate you. If you are a squatter (criminal trespasser), and you refuse to leave, the police can and should remove you by force.

      1. Let me educate you: the students paid tuition to use the campus. In their campus policies it says that students are allowed to stay overnight on the campus. In the United States Constitution it states that Americans have the right to assembly. Precedent in California has established that sitting down and linking arms means that pepper spray cannot be used or it will be found ‘excessive force’ (http://caselaw.findlaw.com/us-9th-circuit/1332957.html). So yes, I’m pretty sure that when you understand why you think that Zach was being ridiculous you will understand why I think that you are being ridiculous.

  5. This website is the first one of its kind I have visited. It confirmed my suspicion that tea party people and right wingers indulge in emotional response and consider it logic. Please learn the difference between communism, socialism, democracy, fascism, and anarchy. They are different systems. You might also consider that your blanket characterization of liberals as lazy, unwashed wimps is simply a convenient label that helps you justify absurd positions without thinking. I worked from age 12 until I retired and put in four years in the Marines being discharged with the rank of sergeant. I’m not lazy, take showers, and am not afraid of a fight. You people are immature dupes of nutcases like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. The Koch brothers are delighted with potential cannon-fodder like you.

    1. Thank you for you service. Actually I don’t think these people are lazy, just completely misguided. If they focused their efforts on something productive they would be the 1% they are complaining about.

      They have been mis-educated by the college system and expect something they are not entitled to. (namely: my money)

      Also, all these isms you put out their are different systems, true. However, all that matters is liberty and stateism. Your service in the military protected our liberty and these useful idiots, under the guise of whatever ism, wants to take that liberty away. That’s what we oppose.

      1. Thanks for the good reply. I was expecting something more emotional and enraged if anything at all. Where to start? I think that my service in the Marines was fine, but I have since concluded that the military doesn’t really protect liberty so much as help the greedy grab oil and other resources. Read USMC Major General Smedley Butler’s thin little book “War is a Racket” and it will explain this fact. Second, I doubt most liberal people want your money. What we expect is some sharing. Elizabeth Warren has a good video clip out about the social contract,i.e., we all pay taxes for fire, police, hospitals, courts, roads, bridges, etc., and those taxes are the fee we all pay for the safety, convenience and the necessities of civilization. For the last 30 years or so this contract has been vilified by the powerful in order to forward their agendas.

        Another point I would offer for your consideration is a simple question: how much is enough? We all have a different answer, but I think most people would consider the Koch brothers fifty billion more than enough. Ditto Bill Gates or George Soros. Concentration of wealth in this way gives so much power to individuals and small groups that the majority of people become powerless. In other words, the Carlyle Group and their ilk run the world and the rest of us are their pawns. Where is the liberty in this situation?

        Finally, I’m not sure if I understand “stateism”, but I assume it means that the state has power over your life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness to an unreasonable degree. I doubt too many of us would argue for that state. However, as I’ve said before, there is a social contract that should take care of that. Unfortunately, wealthy individuals and corporations have eroded the belief and understanding of the social contract and have done their absolute best to corrupt Congress, state governments, and even the Supreme Court. I think all of us, right or left, can agree that our “leaders” are corrupt.

        There used to be moderate Republicans and conservative Democrats as well as conservative Republicans and liberal Democrats in congress who could sit down and discuss issues and differences and come to a compromise. That’s why politics is called the art of the possible. Have you seen that happen lately? The polarization is not accidental. Fox News is the most blatant of those dividing us. The “liberal media” is simply a catchphrase that allows us not to think about who owns the newspapers and radio and TV stations.

        My reason for this lengthy reply is that discussions like this are where peace and progress take place. It’s no good just talking and listening to those with whom one agrees. Read and listen to what others who disagree with you write or say. I have read Ayn Rand and find it drivel. I’m happy to discuss this understanding. I won’t just say that anyone who believes her ideas is an idiot. Blanket condemnations are for idiots.

        1. I hope and pray the last 15 years of my life/service to our country have been for more than oil, and that our actions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, our presence and our compassion shared in countries like Chile, almost the entire sub Saharan African continent, Europe, Asia etc have done their parts to spread our American Ideals to other peoples and to bolster our strength as a nation, unfortunately some of what you say is true, many of the extreme left will only point out our military faults or failure to act where we have no set national interests and the left media, ( i am sorry i watch fox news and cnn and local news MSNBC/CNN have a definite and firm and easily visible slant to the left as fox news has the same towards the right).

          As for the “social contract” the top 2% of this nation according the CBO provide 70% of our internal revenue, and the businesses they run hire the employees that provide a large portion of the rest. If you recall correctly while you served in the Marines as i currently serve in the AF, you got a tax refund that was greater than what you paid into the system, where do you think that money comes from? that’s the rich providing us with extra money to help keep folks above the poverty line that are at least working and contributing to society.

          As for how much is enough, there can be no definite answer as we are a capitalist republic, only those that work hard/get lucky/get smart can determine how much is too much, but every American has the same basic ability to get there as the next guy.

          as much as i disliked him as speaker of the house I believe we need Newt Gingrinch in the white house, we have tried the “Washington outsider with no experience and no leadership skills and just a bag of ideals and agendas with no plans on how to get there” maybe we need a career politician to go play politics and not an idealist rouser that has divided this country either thgouh direct actions or through inaction.

          1. Once again, thanks for the thoughtful reply. I’m pleased that not everyone posts simple minded stuff like some I see here and on MoveOn.

            In answer to your first point, the use of our military, please read Smedley Butler’s little book. It was written in the 1930’s but reads as if it was written this week. It’s easy to read, short, and will make you laugh as well as get angry. He was quite a guy.

            Second, I quote Mark Twain, “There are liars, damn liars, and statisticians.” I don’t know what the discrete components of the CBO’s percentage are so I can’t discuss this point reasonably. Also, I don’t remember paying any taxes when I was serving. It was a long time ago (I’m 76.). As far as “the rich providing us with extra money to help keep folks above the poverty line”, I find that reasoning naive. After 15 years pulling duty in god-awful places with men who aren’t saints, you can’t be so naive. You must realize that the rich aren’t giving anyone anything unless they have to.

            The next point is that I have no problem at all with someone wanting to make a fortune. I have trouble with those who make a fortune and then do everything they can to make it bigger and bigger and bigger until it is so big that they can’t possibly spend it in one lifetime. For example, the fortunes of the Koch brothers and Bill Gates are larger than the economies of some countries. At this point, the size of the fortune becomes irrelevant because money no longer matters but the power it buys does. That’s why congress is corrupt, why the financial elite has escaped any criminal prosecution, and why we are falling into a financial catastrophe at least as large as the one in 2008-9 because the financial elite owns the political elite and has made sure that true regulation doesn’t happen. If I’m right, then every American does not have an equal chance of becoming rich.

            As to Newt Gingrich, I have watched him since he first appeared on the scene. His mother gave him a rather prophetic name because he has turned out to be reptilian. You can do better. There are two Republicans who are considering third party runs: Buddy Roemer and Rocky Anderson. These guys understand what’s going on and want to fix it. They are true Republicans not one of these extremists who have hijacked the party.

            I don’t find much middle ground anymore. I blame Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, and intemperate “experts” for most of this. I don’t think Obama divided us. I think the Republican party has been running a propaganda machine for 30 years or so quite successfully, and it is their message which has caused division. Haven’t you noticed that the GOP says “no” to everything except the most innocuous bills? The problem with Obama is that he didn’t realize he was the President and kept behaving as if he was a Senator.

            It takes some effort for me to write these replies. I don’t just sit in a rocking chair. I have a volunteer job as well as normal life responsibilities. I wish we could just sit down over a cup of coffee and talk. As I said to Mr. Leavitt, above, it’s in discussions like this that peace and progress begin.

  6. If you watch closely, both sides know what was coming. You can even see one cop confer with a sitting protester and pat him gently twice on the shoulder after sharing a few words.

  7. They wanted something worse, Joe. They want to create more support by making it appear that they’re being mistreated.

    I looked for this video at youtube. It had been uploaded three times and each time was blocked by BBC for copyright infringement. Getting the truth known about this is important and I hope Fox will be able to put it on the air.

    Elli, dear, you should be the first one expelled, and the rest should follow, as soon as their identities are known.

  8. They hoped for a non-permanent Kent State moment and the police gave it to them. Bad PR move no matter how much these professional whiners deserved it.

    That said, this does appear to be a clip and I’d like to see anything else this #Occufail twit had to say.

  9. Poor poor powerless BLAMERS. THE TYPE OF PEOPLE YOU CAN LEARN TO DESPISE. THEY NEVER LEARNED TO ACCEPT THE CONSEQUENCES OF THEIR ACTIONS. Just as they never learned to accept the responsibility for themselves.
    They need to be taken care of and ultimately protected … even from themselves. Poor, poor, wretched, helpless, lazy BLAMERS.

  10. I wonder if Ellie the Wonder Student always does what she’s told.

    She must be majoring in “women’s studies” or something just as useful.

  11. America, is this what you want? anarchy, lawlessness, riots etc? then vote for Progressive-Liberals. They guarantee it.

  12. From the very beginning they were breaking laws, but government allowed them to do it. Occupy Wall Street always said they needed visual confrontation to gain sympathy for the cause. It doesn’t matter who is protesting , they are breaking the law. They should not act surprised when there are consequances to their actions. These people are living the romance of protest and received the reality.

  13. If you watch the video the police CROSS THE LINE of students REPEATEDLY! They stepped over the and sprayed them from BOTH SIDES! How in the h3ll do you surmise they were “blocked” when video proves otherwise? Idiots!

  14. I still have zero respect for that officer who pepper sprayed non-violent protestors. He’s just a useful idiot who couldn’t negotiate his way out of a paper bag. He’s part of the 95% of police officers who give the other 5% a bad name.

  15. Another”inconvenient truth” surfacesWhy does it so often seem truth is disruptive to progressive agendas?

    1. I agree. I think there’s going to be a lot more of this as we get closer to the elections because the left will be encouraging it. I am convinced this is what Obama wants and he will encourage more and more of it.

  16. Duh. Typical leftist tactic. Intentionally cause an incident and cry about it when something happens. Another group does the same thing….Hezbollah.

    1. Don’t be an idiot. Every political group is guilty of that at one point in time. Including Republicans.

      1. Maybe, I’m not a historian. However, I don’t recall any Republicans ever using this tactic. Name an incident and I’ll give you credit. If not, then there’s no credibility in your claim.

      2. you have no argument so just stop talking, go sit in your line, stop the police and get your dose of spray. what you going to say the tea party did it? Please!

  17. Good thing they had pepper spray.

    They could have used tasars.

    These kids want someone to be killed and I have to give the police kudos for hanging in there while dealing with so many brats day after day, hour after hour, minute after minute.

    Too bad their parents couldn’t have raised them and taught them about how government works so they could use their expensive educations…which obviously were a waste of time and money…to gather like minded members and find candidates to represent them.

    Funny, the Tea Party managed to do that without ever breaking any laws or being arrested.

  18. Oh, man. I don’t know what I’m more afraid of: college kids holding hands or jihad turkeys. Thanks for exposing yet another insidious threat to my freedoms.

    1. I know. Stupid kids protesting a 25% hike in tuition this year. Maybe if we billy club them enough Wall Street won’t need another bailout.

      1. That’s not what they were protesting. They were protesting the arrest of several occupiers who had put the tents back up after the cops had taken them down.

  19. Gee. According to folks like ed schultz, this girl ought to have massive head wounds. She looks like she survived the brutality alright.

    I wonder if these juvies have anything that they’re thankful for today.

    1. Maybe they should try being thankful that they live in the USA where they can get away with a protest like this. Put them in their beloved socialist/communist countries-well, it just ain’t gonna happen.

      1. Yeah, people never protest in those socialist countries. Canada, the UK, Denmark, Sweden – it’s an Orwellian nightmare for those people.

  20. The OWS crowd are your classic variety liberals, none of them have anything worth having, worth working for, worth defending, worth protecting from government or anyone for that matter, so they think no one else should either. The “progressives”, aside from being what liberals call themselves when they’re afraid of being called liberal, are your Michael Moore libtards, they talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. This ditz, aside from Daddy’s trust fund, has nothing of intrinsic value, doesn’t even have enough brains or wherewithal to have a job worth having, so hanging out at UC Davis, smoking pot, linking hands and a little after hour horizontal refreshment passes for OWS “activism”. Thank goodness the movement has leaders like her.

  21. She’s a looker – just like all the rest of these losers. I think the rage of leftists stems from being cheated in the looks department. Call me superficial, but let me know when you EVER see an attractive person at a protest.

    1. I am a moderate and mostly agree with the right on these issues. However, your post is not only superficial but also completely useless. I am happy to have a conversation about how useless these stupid kids were. But attacking their credibility based on their looks only undermines that of the rest of us who want to criticize them based for more relevant reasons.

  22. They’re complaining about some watered down pepper spray, when they were blocking the cops from leaving?! Since when are American kids such whiney babies? I was involved in protesting (much more worthy causes than these deluded children) here in Israel at Amona, and when we linked arms we didn’t get a little pepper spray, we had barbed wire thrown on us and were beaten over the head with batons into submission. And when we were hospitalized we didn’t throw temper tantrums like these kids; we took our licks for our cause and were proud to do so. These college brats need to be collectively spanked.

    1. Imagine if YOU stepped over someone sitting on the ground and that person opted to stab you in the thigh . . . or worse.

      In your mind the Police should assume all the risk. Strange.

      They were warned several times. Oddly the girl (?) in the video acts as if this was some kind of accomplishment – – – only a liberal can think like that.

      1. We have this little ideal in our country… it goes like this. “innocent until proven guilty”

        No one stabbed any cops in the thighs while they were stepping over them, for them to act as if they were violates our constitutional rights.

        1. Cops have been stabbed in other OWS protests. These cops see confrontation, they don’t know if any of this mob which has them surrounded are armed. They are the police. They are called there to clear the area and maintain peace and order, and to enforce the law.
          They weren’t given much of a choice on how to do their jobs.

        2. He didn’t say they did. He said police officers shouldn’t assume that risk. In any event, if they stepped over them these stupid kids would have said they assualted them and argue police brutality.

    2. It’s considered provocative for a mob to surround police officers with the intent of impeding their movement. They were trying to provoke a reaction and they got exactly what they wanted… which was less than they deserved.

    3. A refusal to obey police commands is already violence. The moment the protesters locked arms and refused to move, it became an unpeaceful protest. At that point the police are required by law to remove the group. The constitution gives us the right to protest, but there are still rules of how and where we can protest. These tactics are used for one of two expected outcomes; they are trying to emasculate the authority of the police or they are trying to force the police to react to give themselves a moral superiority and receive sympathy.

      Sure, they can step over the protesters and walk away, and anarchy can rule.

      1. Wrong.

        A refusal to follow an order is not violence, its disobedience. The moment the protesters sat down and locked arms, they did not become unpeaceful protesters. They were still peaceful, they attacked no one. Its called civil disobedience.

        Imagine if african americans were unable to civilly disobey the cops by sitting in? Where would we be now?

        1. I would hardly make the comparison of this free for all to the civil rights marches, first, it would be helpful to have a reason to protest. Disobeying police orders for disobedience sake just to instigate a reaction is stupid. I stand by my comment that these tactics are used for one of two expected outcomes; they are trying to emasculate the authority of the police or they are trying to force the police to react to give themselves a moral superiority and receive sympathy. It is a tactic of the 60’s protests but even in the 60’s they had legitimate reason to protest; young boys dying everyday in a war the president refused to fight.

        2. People who physically detain police officers aren’t exercising civil disobedience. They are committing and act of wrongful imprinsonment. What if these officers were called to respond to someone who was raped on campus and couldn’t get there? Are innocent people supposed to get hurt because some punks want to keep police from doing their jobs. If you believe that kidnapping police officers is peaceful, civil disobedience then you need to educate yourself on the topic more. Your parallel to locking arms and sitting down is moot.

    4. I’m happy that they were doing their job, whats the matter is your child one of these useful idiots? or have you always not had a clue to whats going on around you?

  23. What a sad, pathetic commentary on the state of our modern day culture. if that had been my son he would know enough to be praying to whatever maker he believed in that the police collar him first before I got to him………spit!

  24. Look at this boy. His parents must be so proud of him. We are all guilty of allowing scum like this to fester in our society. Pepper spray my ass. I say spray the whole lot of them with lead.

  25. Well, DUH! We witnessed the whole thing on TV, unless the Lame Stream Media chose to show just clips of the Pepper Spraying incident.

    The Officers used the most humane method of removing these law-breaking SLUGS who chose to refuse the order to remove themselves. They have a right to peaceful protest but they DO NOT have the right to refuse an order by the police to protest in another area. They got what they deserved.

    1. They were protesting on their own college campus. It’s not public property, and they had permission to protest there from the Chancellor of the college. The police had no right to order them to disband. Especially when the Chancellor ordered the police to remove their tents ONLY, and let the protesters stay. They were being peaceful, and abiding the law. Just because a cop gives and order, does not mean it is the law, or constitutional.

      1. Idiot. What do you mean it’s not public property? University Of California – California is a state and state property is public property and it is maintained and owned by the state with tax money. DO YOU GET IT? All of your chatterings are nothing but uninformed conjecture and outright wild-ass guesses. You would do well to maintain silence as nothing you offer is of any value with all of its wrongness. Maybe if you had attended a university you might have this knowledge but my guess is you couldn’t make the cut.

        “I don’t think” — said Alice, “Then you shouldn’t talk,” said the Hatter.”
        — Lewis Carroll

  26. As with everything associated with the OWS, this is more of the CONTRIVANCES of liberal socialist loons. They behave like spoiled brats. First they tell the police to leave their campus. Then they prevent them from leaving.

    The whole incident, as Joe said today, “is stupid. Now when the students go home for Thanksgiving – THEY should be SPANKED” Amen Joe.

  27. Well, there ya go, that’s your u.c.davis brain damaged, indoctrinated, liberal, marxist, socialist, soon to be full blown communist, and eventually dead student.

  28. They were told they needed a “Kent State moment” and by geepers they’re going to get one. No matter what they have to do to provoke it.

  29. Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner. The U.S. is not a democracy. We are a Constitutional Republic with a LIMITED federal government. That is the only form of government in which the inherent, unalienable rights of individuals are protected from infringement by others (including the majority).

    1. The key to a Republic is that we a a nation of LAWS, not disenfranchised individuals and brainless anarchists. I offer this link which has several other links to look into, all of which explain things better than I:

      Types of Governments

  30. I, for one, detest police brutality, but this was justifiable in that they were warned and they simply ignored the warning. And these are the type of people that obby,pelousei & co. endorse,yet villify the Tea Party. It only goes to show just how sick our society has become. Someone please get me a barf bag!!

  31. Im a retired police officer, and I’ve been peppered sprayed durning training and accidentally durning fights. The spray burns for a while and eyes get irritated but it wears off in a few hours, it’s not the end of the world. These protesters should stop carying like babies, there’s always a consequence for any action. Live and learn.

  32. Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner. The U.S. is not a democracy. We are a Constitutional Republic with a LIMITED federal government. That is the only form of government in which the inherent, unalienable rights of individuals are protected from infringement by others (including the majority).

  33. Obama and his minions, like Mr Ed at MSNBC, are calling our First Responders PIGS for using watered down pepper spray on OWS people who have had a history of disobeying the police, Anti-Semitism, robberies and rapes, and outright violence, attacking police and seriously injuring them. And here the OWS openly tell us that they encircled the police and basically kidnapped them unless the police were willing to risk injury or death wading through them? Pepper Spray to disable them, and lower the risk of injury to both sides caused by the action of the OWS criminals, and when you encircle and detain police you are engaged in a criminal act, was an excellent Idea. I personally would have recommended tear gas and fire hoses. The increasing criminality and violence of the OWS mobs, and the increasinly hysterical defense of their lawbreaking and violence from Obama, the democrats, and the crazy left is disgusting!

    1. The students were sitting down… all the cops had to do to leave was step over them. The pepper spray was not watered down, and it was military grade which is to be used at a minimum distance of 15 feet away… not point blank. And quit spitting out whatever rhetoric Fox tells you to. OWS is NOT Anti-Semitic. They don’t rape people. They don’t steal. People might do that… but those people aren’t truly with OWS. If you want to see a history of violence, look at the police attacking the peaceful protesters.. not the other way around. When did exercising our right to protest our government become a criminal offense?

      And another thing, these students were not so much about OWS as they were protesting 81% tuition hikes at their school, and police brutality a couple weeks before at UC Berkley against students and teachers. The Chancellor gave them permission to protest, she just wanted the tents removed. She has gone on record saying that she ordered the cops to remove the tents only, in a non violent manner, and that the students had permission to protest there. As you can see in the video, the tents were already removed, but they felt the need to spray them anyway.

      1. “step over them”, You have not seen the video of the protesters four and five people deep in the line that was around the Police. If you do not want violence then do not provoke the use of it. The protesters and thier followers are wanting a confrontation about what, give me more stuff free, I do not want to work for what I get, I am alive and therefor should get everything you have. If the protests do not end soon, it will not be the Police that you have to fear, it is the backlash from hard working people the have provided the tax money that you consumed.

        1. See Insider you show your true ignorance by not even knowing WHY the students were there! Go suck Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity’s tit some more, you’ll feel better after a hate recharge!

          1. I have been giving thanks for the things I have worked for so I am late. The tuition hicks come from the free bees given away in the form of tution loans. Money that rarely gets repaid and comes from tax payers. It comes to the same thing give me money.

      2. And another thing, these students were not so much about OWS as they were protesting 81% tuition hikes at their school

        Oh Boo Hooo, go to annother school! 81% is probably BS too.

      3. you need to get out more and read the truth, people like you and ows useful idiots are what is destroying this great country they are doing exactly what the progressives want. you and they are nothing but lemmings.

        1. this great country? it is supposed to be founded upon principles such as freedom of expression, peaceful protest, non-violent resistance.. but you’d rather take the storm trooper side over what made the country great.

          1. You forgot private property rights. That trumps your speech rights. And yes, I’ take the side of the police enforcing the rights of the property owner over the criminal trespassers.

    2. They are all pigs in every sense of the word. Actually WATCH the video you smart-mouthed people full of hatred. The pigs stepped OVER THE STUDENTS numerous times, so how were they “blocked in”?

      Stupid is as stupid posts without watching, I guess.

  34. First of all. That was a VERY WATERED DOWN pepper spray!! Those brats should be thankful for that. REAL pepper spray would have had them instantly rolling in BURNING PAIN.

    Second. Did she say they “…circled them and then blocked the police from leaving.”?

    Wow! They are all very luck they did not get booked. I cannot believe the police didn’t do that.

    1. brats? do you even know who these people are? they are very intelligent university students who do well in their studies. a lot of these people were among the brightest in the country.

      btw, the police were not blocked in.. video proves that.

      1. Intelligent???? Is it the rapes or the pooping on police cars? Oh, I know, it is the squatting on private property. That is a brilliant plan. What are they protesting? That their 4 years in college was a complete waste of time? Don’t blame Wall Street for that.

      2. Brightest in the country? Can you defend that statement at all. These kids were morons.

        “btw, the police were not blocked in.. video proves that.”

        Funny. I saw them physically keep them in and tell them they couldn’t leave until they released their friends. You must have fallen asleep at that point.

    2. The video does not show the seated and sprayed protesters attempting to keep the Police there.

      The crowd appears to react strongly to the actions of the Police, big surprise, and does move with the Police as they retreat. The crowd then appears to realize the Police are becoming concerned about physical confrontation and immediately makes it clear the Police “are free to leave”. Situation disolves.

      I don’t see the hold the Police action being knocked about here. One protester shooting his mouth off doesn’t make it so. Use your eyes and ears on the video record of the event.

      1. Nice try. They say the police are “free to leave” IF they let the squatters continue to squat and crap on private property. So in fact, they did have the police surrounded.

        The point is these,so called, people were trespassing. They had to be removed. The police did there job, removing criminals off of private property.

        By the way… Keith Olbermann, really? Is he still alive? There is a guy with too much self-esteem.

    1. You are the first to bring up that political theory.
      Why is it that any suggestion of corrections being needed in our national systems immediately brings the Red Scare out again. It was BS the first time guys.

      1. You tell the funniest stories Keith. The Red Scare was BS the first time? There you go again…

        I bet it was pretty scary for the 150-200 million people murdered by the “Red Scare.”

        1. An amusement park of horrors ride.

          Mike: It doesn’t do any good to explain it to some because their histrical depth is in fact quite shallow. Somehow, we must disguise history lessons into a reality television show to trick the mind numbed obots into absorbing it. Good luck with that.

    1. This is the funniest thing ever! Check out the one smart kid at the :20 mark. He just gets up and leaves. Dude… no stupid girl is worth getting pepper-sprayed.

      1. Yeah, that police officer sure looked like he was in distress and couldn’t go anywhere. That’s why the internet dubbed him “Casually Pepper Spray cop”

        Look guys, I don’t want to interrupt your little senile get-together to pat each other on the backs with ignorant rhetoric, but guess what, the entire nation saw this, and the vast majority agrees that the cop should not have pepper sprayed them.

        If any of you think that the cop’s response was justifiable (pepper spraying peaceful students point blank in the face), then you should probably refrain from having or raising kids.

        1. Ilia, just like the left you are too smart by half. The police did EXACTLY what they were supposed to do. They were evicting squatters from private property who refused to leave. Your friends, the useful idiots, were warned and warned again. I would say they were standing for principle, but what principle? What are they protesting? No one knows. They are spoiled brats who have WAY too much time on their hands.

        2. Maybe these kids shouldn’t have tried kidnapping police officers. You conveniently left that part out of your one sided argument. The fact that you call them “peaceful” shows how ignorant you are. Wrongful imprisonment is a threatening act and a felony, not a right of peaceful protestors. Please get your facts straight.

        3. They were warned three times. They were holding the police hostage. They were blocking all exits for the cops and had them circled. The cops used discretion. You criticize the calmness of the cops…would it have empowered you more to see some blood? They antagonized the police. These protesters were led by a JAckass. Probably someone like you.

    2. She admits that they were trying to prevent the cops to leave! What morons! You can’t do that to cops and expect to be unscathed!

      1. I’m fine with lawful and peaceful protest. This is not. These people are trespassers and they were warned by the school and the police that they would be removed.

        Remove the squatters!

    3. The question is, is this the right way to deal with peaceful protesters pointing out important issues about our devolving economy/society/culture. Isn’t it one of the clearest signs we are on a train wreck path that law enforcement’s “go to” force method is a chemical agent?

      1. No, but this is the right way to deal with people who think they can take police officers hostage. I love how you people don’t bother to learn the facts at all. Physically detaining someone unlawfully is a criminal and violent act. Doing that against armed police officers is a seriously stupid criminal act and be prepared for the consequences.

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