UGH: CBS Face the Nation cuts out RED MEAT portion of Ted Cruz interview, exposing OBAMA’S ABUSE OF POWER

This morning on CBS’s Face the Nation, hosted by Bob Schieffer, almost a full minute from Ted Cruz’s interview, where he went after the president for his abuses of power, were completely cut from the interview. It looked rather abrupt when it happened and was fairly clear they edited the interview, but host Bob Schieffer never mentioned it nor apologized for it to the viewers which is pretty irresponsible to those watching it live or DVR’ing it.

They did however put the clip online,

Here’s the broadcast clip from Face the Nation:

Here’s the portion that CBS cut out:

I’m not a news producer but it seems to me the least CBS News could have done was alert this omission to the viewers and direct them to watch the full interview on their website. But they did not and that is shameful. They clearly didn’t like the topic Cruz brought up of Obama’s abuses of power and by not alerting the viewer, they prove their bias in the matter.

And for those of you who argue ‘they put it online’ for people to see, that is true. However they didn’t make it easy for even online viewers to find it. On the front page of Face the Nation the link to the interview as it was broadcast, not the full interview. One would have to dig into their video archive to find the actual full interview, I suppose, because it was sent to me. But when I looked I couldn’t even find it. Once again, shameful.

To see the ‘full’ interview from the broadcast, watch below:

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93 thoughts on “UGH: CBS Face the Nation cuts out RED MEAT portion of Ted Cruz interview, exposing OBAMA’S ABUSE OF POWER

  1. Ted Cruz should have backed out of that interview unless his conditions were met, just like Sarah did to Matt Loudmouth!

  2. Cruz is so talented liberals have to censor large parts of his interview. This is actually a very encouraging sign. They won’t be able to censor Cruz when it really matters, during the 2016 debates.

  3. Bob Schieffer and his fellow sycophant left wing activists that comprise the ‘news’ division don’t know what to do when confronted with something other than the DNC/White House talking points memo.

  4. The last video is the coup de gras…thank you Mr Cruz..for being on top of your game and answers…..wonderful…satisfaction for some of my most urgent frustrations….Mr Schieffer go home and cry!

  5. I quit watching MSM news a few years ago. I could see through the slants and distortions. The final straw was when I realized it was the omissions that were the most damaging. If I don’t see it I can’t judge it. It’s more insidious than bias. Thank goodness for RS and other sites like it that tell the truth.

    1. Exactly. This has been their MO for as long as I have been alive. while cleaning out my closets a few years back, I noticed the same thing in my college newspapers. That was almost 50 years ago. It’s what they leave out that is always the kicker.

  6. I may be wrong but I think Andrew Breitbart suggested Tea Party folks still go on the MSM shows but they needed to record the entire event. Then when they edit a Ted Cruz interview to read- “I.Love.The.President” the Cruz staff release the video showing the senator saying “I love the gall and the unmitigated hubris of those who ordered the IRS to sic the Tea Party to protect the President wanting to lecture the rest of us on civility and bipartisanship.”

    1. I liked it too! That is his Blather in the Headlights” look.

      For me it develops the imagine of a Toothless Lion trying to stare down a runaway train before it rips him asunder.

  7. Conservatives need to tell the facts when they’re interviewed. Call the liars liars, dare the hosts or questioners to not omit the most critical parts of their interviews at the beginning of the interview. When they were done wrong previously by a host, open the next interview with a statement stating as much so the viewer has an idea that what they see isn’t what the whole truth is. They should be mentioning the blatancy of previous inaccuracies and dare the hosts to debate the fact that the edits were done for political purposes. .

    edit, actually at this stage of the game, it wouldn’t be harmful to stick up for each other. Cruz could open by saying Paul got a bad deal vice versaExpose these creeps on their own dime, or, Nothing but LIVE

  8. Wow, what a class a A-hole. What a bunch of A-holes. CBS (Certified Bull Shite company) The whole bunch of them CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC and all of the rag newspapers ought to be forced to look every American in the eyes and confess their shameless lying to America. After wards they should be publically caned.

    1. After wards they should be publically caned.

      I’d pay to watch that live, and give them the added humiliation of a loud horselaugh every time the cane comes into contact with buttock flesh.

      1. I speculate many would come out to see the public caning and the aim would be at getting those that lie to face the consequences of their bad behavior. I have to ask, is your screen name a reference to an old Bugs Bunny cartoon or is it more historical? Either way I like the name.

  9. I watched this live this morning, and had no idea until just now that FTN had cut out this important comment from Cruz. Shocking, but not surprising.

    What DID surprise me, though, this morning was an unusual couple of minutes on the panel toward the end. After the usual comments from each of them, suddenly Schieffer said, wait a minute, LBJ worked with Southern Democrats to get the Civil Rights Act passed with both parties, and that wasn’t easy. The other three (Peggy Noonan, Bob Woodward and Bill Kristol) joined in for several minutes against Daley. Four against one. Daley was shocked, like he had never been challenged before. He had nothing to respond.

    The whole panel is 20 minutes. This good part starts when there’s about 8:30 min left.

  10. Today it’s a miracle when a tea party conservative wins a seat because of the way the mainstream media DISTORTS the news!

  11. I have found CBS greatly distorts the news by omission and with their omissions create an incorrect narrative!

  12. yeah, it’s amazing how blatant this behavior has become. With that said, I wonder which Presidential Debate he’ll host in 2016.

  13. anyway to find out the first advertisement shown when they went to a commercial break? Conservatives should take a page out of the lefts book and stop buying products that advertise and therefore promote actions of this propaganda machine.

    1. If ANY Conservative talks to the MSM they should demand ‘LIVE ONLY’. If they don’t this will only continue.

  14. Isn’t it about time that Bob Schieffer was put out to pasture? Doesn’t CBS have anyone under 80 who can take his place?

  15. We seem to be surrounded. The lying and totally corrupt main stream media, the lying and totally corrupt GOP establishment, the damned lying Demoncraps, and the rampant voter fraud that is going on. This is good because when you’re at war, you want to know who your enemies are and where they’re hiding. These idiots are strutting around in plain site. Easier to expose, primary, and incarcerate them. WE WILL WIN THIS WAR!!!

  16. …God Bless Ted Cruz Tea Party Patriot leading the CHARGE to expose the TRUTH that is destroying the very fabric of the United States of America . As for CBS just another propaganda arm of the MARXIST Administration that is for now in the White House !”

  17. The more this Liberal media keeps disrespecting Republican guests (Tea Partiers in particular) the angrier and more energized those of us watching become. That CBS stunt probably won some supporters over!

  18. I refuse to watch CBS/NBC/ABC- great example of why I do. Communist broadcast service is of no use to me.

        1. LOL. outstanding, I love it when the punctuation, grammar or spelling police who try to feel superior pointing out typos or mistakes by others get it pushed back at them.

          1. i’m with both you dudes but I gotta say, their, there and they’re errors make me nuts, no raisin four it.

              1. not AS much.. Sometimes ya gotta practice what ya preach, the right use of those two words are my of to showing literacy minimal attempt..

                i don’t where (LOL) them on weekends. peace dude.

            1. Kind of amazes me, I flunked HS English but I do remember how to proofread. At least an attempt on proper spelling, grammar and punctuation gives a comment more credibility. I only write like Jethro Bodeen when I’m making a point, usually sarcastic.

          2. Just have a great evening gary and ryan. ;’)

            Sorry, if you want to start a big deal over this then go ahead. We do have trouble comprehending a sentence that really doesn’t make any sense.

            OLLPOH ~Our Life Liberty Pursuit Of Happiness

            1. if it didn’t make any sense, how did you know what was meant…..
              are you that much smarter than the rest of us?

  19. Let me make this observation…Bob Schieffer doesn’t have a clue what he’s done by editing out this portion. He has ensured that this interview will see MUCH more attention and be heard by MANY more people than would otherwise have heard it.

    Rush will play it. Sean will play it. Mark Levin and Glenn Beck will play it. Others will almost certainly discuss it.

    If CBS was trying to silence Ted Cruz, they have achieved exactly the opposite by this shameful and underhanded tactic.

    “Hey, look! It’s my foot! SHOOT IT, QUICK!!!”

  20. America’s Media standard S.O.P. anything but the clear and understandable truth for the American citizens. To those in the media, us/we Americans living in the dark is always better for the criminals in charge.

        1. To be honest this is sadly the truth. Other than Hannity its hard to find conservatives. Far too many Bush staffers led by Rove.

          1. Funny that Rove shows up on Hannity’s show more than any of the others. It should be renamed Hannity and Rove.

  21. Great post…..but, “READ MEAT” in the headline?

    Typos in the headline is not a good way to “share”……….

      1. We call them fatfingers, sometime the fingers are larger than the keys…it’s not a big deal, the videos of Senator Cruz are!

          1. My hands have to be exactly in front of a keyboard, having very longer fingers. I am unable to hunt and peck. Mr. OLLPOH, hunts and pecks and knows no other way, yet he has more typo’s because his fingers are very longer and fatter. And neither of us are able to use, ipad, etc.

            The “Propagandist Trolling and “Editing” of a U.S. Senator’s conversation is more than deplorable, it is Communism.

            OLLPOH ~ Our Life Liberty Pursuit Of Happiness

            1. Mr OLLPOH is so right on,
              The subject is what’s important. We shouldn’t be to concerned if anyone misspells a word because better to focus on the subject.
              If your a blogger and focused on many different websites searching to bring the best informative information to those who are tuned in on your site, then we all who visit the website should expect and allow room for typos. Sometimes we all type faster than our fingers can keep up with our train of thought and sometimes it takes time to correct the typos. So as readers allowances should be made accordingly.
              Sometimes I have fat fingers too, LOL ((-;

              1. Hey, thanks neighbor, for the flowers…and we mean it! :’)

                OLLPOH ~ Our Life Liberty Pursuit Of Happiness (Mr. & Mrs.)

    1. Sorry D.R. Marie, Scoop’s post was very clear, but your comment is juvenile. Have you ever text a message, Yes, case closed.


  22. I LOVE Cruz and hope he will be our next president. But the question was, “will you run for president”. It’s a 30 minute show. I think that’s around 22 minutes ex-commercials. So they have to keep the questions and answers concise. I agree that taking 10-15 seconds to tell viewers to go to the website for the full interview would have been helpful. But I don’t think it was unethical for them not to. Cruz did not expand on the “will you run for president” question in the full interview (which is a stupid question because nobody is going to answer it this far away from the ’16 campaign). I am no apologist for the corrupt media, but on this one I’m not too upset. Just my opinion.

  23. CBS is the Communist Broadcast Service. I swear when Cruz brings up points we all know they act like they never heard it. Later in the round table Peggy Noonan, the Rinos June Cleever with her Pearls, claims Cruz is trying to “rebuild’ his name and was hurt by the shutdown. What nonsense. Also in the GOP polls they had Bush @ 12% and no Cruz. If anyone think Bush polls higher than Cruz they are smoking medical marijuana.

    The only point that made sense was Bill Kristol saying if the GOP wants to win the Senate they need to table any shutdowns and amnesty this year.

  24. Why Republicans can’t learn. . Anyone remember Bush 41 with Dan Rather live interview? Those people are the mouthpiece of the American left.
    how can anyone trust them? Only do live interview no tape plain and simple

  25. Just watched the cut out portion on Cruz’s youtube site. That CBS cut it out is SOP for the self described unbiased MSM/Press. Of course the MSM/Press is biased in favor of the DemoncRats; they prove their bias all day every day.

  26. This is the Joseph Goebbels – Lenin – Stalin Club for 0bama and the rest of his Communist Liberation Race Party.

    Just absolutely sick…as to why would this old man, interrupt a U.S. Senator 3 times, and say, “we’ll save this for another day”…Trolling is all he and CBS was doing.

  27. Bob Schieffer is out of the mold of Walter Cronkite, a leftist if there ever was one. Ol’ Bob, like many of his ilk, is in the pocket of obama and the Dimocraps. He runs interference for the president when he should be bringing the news of what’s going on inside the White House, inside Congress and other pertinent news. But he won’t do that. He’s a leftist and he doesn’t care what happens to America.

  28. This is why Cruz and other conservatives need to insist on video transcripts of all interviews, or else do them all live.

    1. Actually this is why these interviews should be avoided at all costs

      The interviews are biased and serve NO purpose for the right

      The GOP should discourage anyone from going on – until the MSM gets fair

      The Strategy worked with the debates – It will work with interviews

      Eventually all the MSM will sound like MSLSD

      Let them scream – Who cares!

      Remember that MSM reporters and executives that now work in the Admin. total approx. 27 –

      The press is “on the take” and or the promise of a job in the WH

      1. No interviews = cutting off nose to spite face. Making full recordings and publishing them if necessary could work wonders… cockroaches abhor sunlight…

  29. I am grateful that that CBS and Schieffer was caught. But we need to know that the MSM has one goal and that is to make Republicans look bad. Thank God no one watches Face the Nation and this is one reason why.

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