UGH: Netanyahu spokesman asked about ‘war crimes’, endures hostile interview on MSNBC

Every single question from MSNBC’s Joy-Ann Reid in her interview with Mark Regev, Spokesman for Bibi Netanyahu, was centered around the bombing of schools, hospitals, the deaths of civilians, and so forth. In fact her first question was for him to respond to the accusation from the UN accusing Israel of war crimes.

Later she asked him for proof that these civilian structures that they had bombed were being used by Hamas. And when he cited the UN’s findings of rockets in schools, that still wasn’t good enough for her.

Toward the end of the interview she even accused Israel of occupying Gaza, saying they were the ‘occupying authority’ and suggesting that Israel is now responsible for the homeless and displaced people in Gaza.

But Regev wouldn’t let her get away with such a characterization, pointing out that Israel left Gaza in 2005 with agreements that would have allowed Gaza to become the new Singapore of this day.

Reid, in her ignorance, hit back telling Regev that Israel controls the border, the sky, the sea, and all imports/exports from Gaza and told him Gaza was in no way a new Singapore. She tried to end the interview, but Regev pressed her once again and refused to let her get away with such a characterization.

He pointed out that the only reason Israel controls the sky, the border, the sea, and all imports/exports is because of the violence. In 2005, he pointed out, there were none of those controls in place and they only began enforcing them when Hamas began attacking Israel.

In the end I don’t think there was anything that Regev could have said that would convince Reid of Israel’s position because she had clearly already made her mind up that Israel is the evil villain and that Gazans are oppressed or something.


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