First CNN got the day going with these ridiculous attacks in an interview with Pamela Geller.

Next up, CNN host Carol Costello used Jewish Rabbis in New York to attack Pamela Geller in an interview with a Muslim scumbag. The idea is if Jewish Rabbis think that Geller is bad, a fellow Jew, then she must be horrible:

[wpvideo RjJJefb4 w=755]

And then just a few minutes later, Costello brought on another Muslim to further discredit Geller by accusing her of just being about getting press and smearing her by saying she has a record of demonizing all Muslims:

[wpvideo GTP29Rk8 w=755]

CNN can scream about Geller poking Muslims in the eye or taunting Muslims all they want, but the truth is America would not have known about Geller’s little event in Garland, Texas and it wouldn’t have been on CNN this morning if it weren’t for two evil Muslims showing up to gun down the event.

But even more than that, to suggest that Geller provoked this incident, which is clearly the inference, is ridiculous. Since when is drawing a cartoon of someone or something provocative? By selling this narrative, CNN is agreeing there should be limits on free speech when it comes to Islam which is a serious downward spiral into criminalizing it. And that is very dangerous territory.

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