UGH: Trumpertantrum now encouraging voters to PROTEST Colorado elections

While many of us were sleeping, Trump was fevered tweeting again about Colorado. Now he’s saying Colorado intentionally changed the rules and disenfranchised voters after he announced his candidacy because they knew he would win. And he’s telling voters to protest this on Friday:

Trumpertantrum is out of control at this point. He continues to lie about Colorado and gin people up just to benefit his campaign. And I fear this is not going to end well. He continues to call the system unfair all because he was out-played by Ted Cruz.

Let Ari Armstrong remind everyone what really happened in Colorado and how The Donald is lying to people about the disenfranchisement of voters:

The voting that had occurred in previous elections was merely a NON-BINDING preference poll or a straw poll that had no effect on the delegates. The delegates this year were chosen the same way they were chosen in the past.

But Trump obviously isn’t concerned about the truth. His aim is to gin people up in an effort to create new momentum behind his campaign and, I believe, to potentially lay the groundwork for a third party if he doesn’t win at the convention.

All Trump cares about is winning and anything that gets in his way will be crushed, even if it’s a Colorado GOP Chairman.

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