[UPDATE: PELOSI, LEADERSHIP JOIN IN] – Group of Democrats condemn Ilhan Omar for comparing Israel to Hamas, suggest she has “deep-seated prejudice”

UPDATE: Pelosi and her leadership team join in criticizing Omar:


A group of only twelve House Democrats released a statement last night condemning Ilhan Omar for comparing Israel to Hamas, suggesting she has a deep seated prejudice and that she’s giving cover to terrorist groups:

They write:

Equating the United States and Israel to Hamas and the Taliban is as offensive as it is misguided. Ignoring the differences between democracies governed by the rule of law and contemptible organizations that engage in terrorism at best discredits one’s intended argument and at worst reflects deep-seated prejudice.

The United States and Israel are imperfect and, like all democracies, at times deserving of critique, but false equivalencies give cover to terrorist groups. We urge Congresswoman Omar to clarify her words placing the US and Israel in the same category as Hamas and the Taliban.

Wow, that’s actually a pretty good statement of condemnation coming from these Democrats. Color me shocked that they would actually write this.

If you are wondering to what they are referring, it was Omar’s comments from a couple of days ago in what appears to be a congressional hearing:

Omar claims that she’s seen no evidence that domestic courts will both prosecute war crimes and crimes against humanity, saying these crimes come from Israel’s security forces and Hamas as well as the Afghan national government and the Taliban.

Her moral equivalence and comparisons are disgusting because in the case of Israel, as you well know, they were only defending themselves against thousands of rockets fired by a terrorist group. There is a great difference between the two, as these twelve Democrats point out.

Here’s some reaction to the Democrat statement condemning Omar:

That’s a great point by Kaitlin. But I doubt we’ll see that much courage coming from these Democrats. They probably won’t do anymore than they just did, asking for Omar to clarify her remarks.

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