UH OH: New evidence suggests Obama had to know about Hillary’s private email server!

Last night Catherine Herridge reported something very interesting with respect to Obama knowing about Hillary’s email server.

Watch (It’s cued up to 1:34):

Herridge points out that in her testimony, Huma Abedin told the FBI that she informed the White House everytime Hillary changed her email address. This is big, because for Obama to receive Hillary’s emails, her address had to be whitelisted on his high-security blackberry so he could actually receive the emails, otherwise he’d never them. So Huma tells the White House, then someone updates Obama’s blackberry with the new address.

So the point is, how could Obama not have known and been ok with Hillary’s homebrew email server? If she had a State Department email, it would have never needed changing.

Herridge is right, Obama has a horse in this race because he knows if he could be in serious trouble if she doesn’t win.

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