Uh Oh: Obama’s new unconstitutional immigration edict already breaking up families

These are some of the first illegals spared by Obama’s new unconstitutional edict, but their parents aren’t so fortunate:

MCCLATCHY DC – Chie Yee Yang, 19, visited his deportation officer at the Department of Homeland Security in Sacramento Tuesday morning and was told he and his brother Kawah Yee Yang, 16, would not be deported for at least two years.

“He told us, ‘You’ve heard about the new policy, we can’t really touch you,’ ” said a relieved Chie, who was a valedictorian of the first graduating class at Sacramento City Unified School District’s School of Engineering and Sciences. He and his brother can now apply for two-year work permits from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service.

But the news was bittersweet. The boys’ parents, Yanshan Yu and Sumei Yang, are still under deportation orders to return to either their native China or Colombia, where they lived for 18 years and had their sons.

“I’m happy my sons can stay and complete their education, but sad we’re still going to be separated,” said Yu, 51, clutching a leather portfolio containing his immigration papers. “I’m worried about what’s going to happen to us and our sons – they need parental guidance. What if they get into some trouble?”

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19 thoughts on “Uh Oh: Obama’s new unconstitutional immigration edict already breaking up families

  1. This is exactly what Obama wants. First, he grants amnesty to the young ones, so to show how soft hearted the left and all the bleeding hearts are in this country. Once the bleeding-heart liberals begin to see the separation of these families due to this executive order, Obama will have all the reason in the world to start unilaterally granting amnesty to the children’s parents. It is a vicious cycle of liberalism that needs to come to an end. America must protect its borders…. ‘nough said

  2. Breaking up families was most certainly part of the plan.

    So that they can indoctrinate the younger generation with the hope and change agenda, without any parental interference.

  3. The real goal of this action is the millions born to this group of 800,000. Manufacturing liberal voters for on the taxpayer dime.

  4. There is little doubt all of these recipients will be soon be targeted to register to vote. I was at an outdoor food festival attended by a wide spectrum of nationalities this weekend. I was watching a young woman with a clipboard approach people walking in to have them fill out a form. It caught my eye that she was only approaching all obviously “foreign” looking ethnicity and not many plain ‘ole white and black folk.

    I went over to see, and sure enough, she was registering them to vote on the spot. No ID, no proof of residency.

  5. We have sponsored immigrants – legal and by the book. Those who did not get the papers they wanted or changed their minds, never ever thought about returning home without their children.

    The other shoe will soon drop here and families will be included – we are about to be tipped past the point of no return. No nation can survive open borders, no effective enforcement and blanket citizenship.

    Also keep in mind we are being manipulated into thinking this is for downtrodded Mexican illegals. There are huge numbers of leftist South/Central American, Chinese communists and Islamists who have come in on now expired tourist and student visas.

    But after all, by now we should know the goal here. The dismantling of America.

  6. Awww…boo frickin’ whooooo…separated from your grown children. Should have thought of that before sneaking in here. Your kids should go back to China with you and work to improve your own country.

  7. DICTATORSHIP PLAN For America 2012!! :: Glenn Beck Names The TRAITORS & Exposes Their

    “Agenda 21” The UN’s diabolical plan for the world is explained on the “Glenn Beck Show”

    Millions to be KILLED under Agenda 21! (Look for parallels between this & “resource based economy.”

  8. Liberals are not responsible for consequences. They only seek social justice.

    If there is social justice, then consequences are, “inconsequential.”

    I was once married to a liberal in Sacramento. I get it.

  9. This was a knee jerk reaction ……how do we get more votes no matter the cost. There are many more actions to come before the election, all of which will be executive order…..student loan forgiveness, fanny mae/freddymac home mortgage forgiveness for those underwater etc…….

  10. Yet still another example of the regimes history of unintended consequences.

    They are self destructing right before our eyes.

  11. I am sure this is all part of the plan.

    Now that the young people get to stay, well, we simply can’t deport their parents… That would be cruel… We’re gonna have to let the parents stay now… If you don’t agree, then you’re just heartless…

  12. The libs are lining up many sob stories about this immigration law. They’re doing the same thing about Obamacare, should the Supremes declare it unconstitutional. Always the sob stories. I have three things to say about this, as far as the policy change to deportation.

    One, if this guy is a valedictorian of a school of engineering and sciences, then he should be treated as royalty back home once he’s deported.

    Two, where are the sob stories about all the American graduates who failed to get jobs that were given to guys like this.

    And, three, what happens to all these ‘protected’ people come November, when a new administration throws out the idiotic, unconstitutional policy change. How many of these 800,000 supposed valedictorians are really going to come forward about their illegality, knowing that in 4 months they will be targeted, having turned themselves in?

    1. Nuke, even though I know you know the answers, here they are:
      1. Dems don’t care
      2. Dems don’t care, and
      3. Dems did this to get the votes so that they can stay in office and…not care

  13. Liberalism always kicks in own arse. It’s like trying to do math using all the wrong formulas and variables. That’s why they end up with the wrong answer every time.

    1. For me, I see it more as liberals using the scientific method backwards. Usually, you use facts to determine the validity of the hypothesis (or at least to prove it false). But liberals use the hypothesis (their elitist ideas) to determine their reality. Too bad for liberals that reality is impervious to liberal elitism.

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