UH OH: Turns out Biden may have already ‘searched’ for Tara Reade’s records

The New York Post is reporting that at some time in the last year Biden sent campaign operatives to search his records at the University of Delaware:

NY POST – Joe’s Biden’s campaign dispatched operatives to the University of Delaware’s library in the past year to rifle through his secretive Senate records there, Business Insider reported Thursday — raising the possibility they accessed documents related to Tara Reade’s accusation that he sexually assaulted her when she worked for him in 1993.

Biden campaign officials “rifled through” the documents on “at least one occasion,” Business Insider reported, citing a statement from University spokeswoman Andrea Boyle Tippett. The campaign’s visit to the library came some point after Biden announced his presidential campaign in April 2019 — but before “mid-March” 2020, when the library closed due to the coronavirus. No one from the Biden team has visited since the closure, Tippett claimed.

The university did not return Fox News’ request for comment Thursday.

Reade made her explosive public claim that Biden sexually harassed her on March 25, but in the past year, Reade and several other women have accused Biden of inappropriate touching. Biden has also been caught on camera touching young girls and making them visibly uncomfortable.

I don’t think the timing of this ‘search’ against Reade’s March 25 accusation is all that pertinent. It came after Biden announced his run for the president and since he knows all of his past sins, they probably already searched for it then.

But then again it may have been about other stuff he’s worried about and not about Reade, which is why he’s still refusing to allow it to be searched.

The bottom line here is that it’s highly suspicious for him to have his campaign team search his records for his benefit within the last year but now refuse to have them searched because Reade’s accusation is ‘irrelevant’ or that something else bad might turn up.

Also, I should point out that RAINN (The Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) has responded to Biden’s interview this morning and is putting pressure on him to release his University of Delaware records:

We appreciate Vice President Biden finally addressing Tara Reade’s allegations. These allegations deserve a rigorous investigation, and we urge Vice President Biden to release any and all records that may be relevant including those housed at the University of Delaware, in addition to any Senate records housed at the National Archives. We urge him, his campaign, and former staff to cooperate fully and provide complete transparency.” — Heather Drevna, vice president of communications, RAINN

It’s going to take more than this to compel him to do it, but I’m glad to see RAINN stepping up here. Hopefully more and more will continue to build up the pressure on him.

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