UM… Illegal journalist goes to the border for solidarity, ends up getting detained by border patrol

Jose Antonio Vargas, who came here illegally when he was 14 from the Philippines, came out of the closet a few years ago as an illegal who has been working as a journalist and was even recently apart of a CNN film called ‘Documented‘. The media loves this guy.

Well in the last day or two he went to the border at McAllen, Texas, to show solidarity with the illegals being held there and ended up getting detained by the Border Patrol himself. He apparently didn’t realize it would be much harder for him to leave until he got there.

He claims he’s not asking for special treatment and in my opinion he shouldn’t get it.

So far he hasn’t been able to leave, at least at the time of this CNN segment.

During this segment CNN airs about 1.5 minutes of one of his supporters calling for his release, another illegal who also came here as a 14-year-old, who claims to be ‘caged’ in America and she’s tired of it. I suspect just that clip will rile you up more than anything else.


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